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Donald Green

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Donald Green

Post by Hasan Yusuf on Sat 13 Aug 2016, 11:35 pm

Another one of my threads from the Webs ROKC forum:

I am starting this thread because I want to discuss two people of interest to me who were named Donald Green. The first was a DPD detective in the narcotics section of the “Special Service Bureau.” Ruby associate, Wilbyrn Waldon (Robert) Litchfield, told Green he had seen an Oswald lookalike at the Carousel Club (who was without much doubt Larry Crafard):

As we can see from the above link, Litchfield told the Warren Commission that Green was a “friend” of his. As some of you may already be aware, Litchfield was well acquainted with Bertha Cheek; the sister of Earlene Roberts who, as most of us know, was the housekeeper of the rooming house at 1026 North Beckley Avenue. As I have discussed elsewhere, Cheek was apparently quite friendly with Amy Gladys Johnson; the owner of the 1026 North Beckley rooming house:

Given Litchfield’s friendship with both Donald Green and Bertha Cheek, it stands to reason that Green and Cheek also knew each other. This brings me to the second Donald Green; the one who was living at the 1026 North Beckley rooming house at the time of the assassination. When the FBI interviewed Gladys Johnson, she told them that Green “attended” S.M.U (Sothern Methodist University) at night time; and that shortly following the assassination, he left the rooming house because he allegedly found it difficult to study after “school” due to the presence of newspaper reporters and photographers at the rooming house:

Johnson also told the FBI that she “discussed” Oswald with Green, and that Green told her he never met Oswald; and never saw him while both of them were staying at the rooming house. I seem to recall reading an interview of Green by the FBI quite a while ago, but I am now unable to find it (perhaps my memory is in error). I would also like to point out that in 1964; a man who was living “undercover” at the rooming house questioned Gladys Johnson about the Donald Green who was living there. According to the man, Johnson was “very evasive” but nevertheless confirmed that Green had lived there. She also apparently told him that Green didn’t know Oswald, and that Green “went on – just passing through here.”

[url= Subject Index Files/T Disk/Turner William Weyand Garrison File/Item 05.pdf][/url]

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I get the impression that Johnson was trying to protect Green. If she was, the obvious question is why? And what was Green doing rooming at 1026 North Beckley in the first place? You see, according to the following article by Mark Bridger, Green seemed “well off” and boasted that he had a rich aunt in Dallas who “kept him in funds.” Furthermore, according to the other boarders at the rooming house, Green wore “a new suit every day.”

Taking the above into account, I find it rather suspicious that Green was living at a cheap rooming house. Although I don’t think the two Donald Greens were the same person, taking into consideration the fact that both of them shared the same name; and taking into consideration the Bertha Cheek and Jack Ruby connection, I believe they were somehow related. The potential significance of Gladys Johnson’s claim that the Donald Green who had lived at the rooming house was a Southern Methodist University student is the fact that Charles “Chuck” Webster was a law professor at the University. As Greg Parker discusses elsewhere, Webster (despite being a so-called communist) was on friendly terms with the right-wing DPD; having been at the DPD on the day of the assassination. He was also associated with FBI informant, William James Lowery, and may have been the person responsible for giving the name of U.S. Communist party attorney John Abt to Oswald; as part of the ploy to make Oswald look like a Commie. See the following threads for important information on both Webster and Lowery:

Considering that Webster was a law professor, my hunch is that Donald Green might have been a law student at S.M.U. There are a couple of people named “Donald Green” who are/were attorneys, but the following Donald Green is the one I found to be quite interesting; and the one who quite possibly is the Donald Green who had been living at the 1026 North Beckley rooming house:

“Don Green is a Quincy native and 1957 graduate of Quincy High School. He served in the United States Marine Corps from 1957 to 1961 before being honorably discharged. Don was a Boston Police officer from 1968-1990 and retired as a Sergeant. He is married to Annette Hill Green, a native of Dorchester, who is also an attorney and his law partner.”

“Donald E. Green received his Juris Doctor degree from Northeastern University School of Law in 1981. Before establishing the Law Offices of Donald E. Green in 1982, he served the City of Boston as a Police Sergeant of the Boston Police Department for nearly twenty-two (22) years. He retired from the Force in 1990 to better serve his clients. A former cop turned lawyer, he also did a tour of duty for the United States Marine Corps from 1957 to 1961.”

Let’s keep in mind that apart from the fact that there was a Donald Green working as a detective for the DPD, Herbert Leon Lee (who had been living at the 1026 North Beckley rooming house) became a Police officer after laying floors for over 30 years:

Although the above could mean nothing, I have a feeling this is the same Donald Green who was living at the rooming house. If he is the same Donald Green, and if he was studying law at S.M.U, then I would say the reason he didn’t finish his studies there was because of his association with professor “Chuck” Webster. And if this is true, then I think it certainly explains why there is no mention of Dallas or S.M.U. in the aforementioned information about Donald E. Green. 
Hasan Yusuf

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