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Fukushima: Sabotage??

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Fukushima: Sabotage??

Post by Guest on Tue 17 May 2011, 11:32 am

I've come across a very disturbing article the past couple of days, regarding the possibility/likelihood that the #3 reactor at Fukushima, which exploded in a column of smoke, was the result of a small nuclear bomb of the gun-rail type, and not a hydrogen explosion. The author is extremely knowledgeable/experienced with nuclear plants & provides previously-unseen classified photos to back up his case.

I've checked his reference links and everything is corroborated: Japan offered to enrich Iran's uranium, was soon approached/infiltrated by an Israeli defense company, and soon infiltrated by the Stuxnet virus. This Israeli firm had ongoing cyber-access to the Fukushima facility and the author suspects they left a Trojan Horse.

The implications are staggering, as this act IF TRUE dwarfs 9/11. The article is a little bit technical and took me a couple of reads over 2 days to get a clearer grasp. It can be found at


I've been following Arnie Gunderson for straight talk about the disaster; he's sort of a greenie nuclear physicist with Fairewinds Associates. In this video "Fukushima: One Step Forward and Four Steps Back" at 7:40 he explains that plutonium pieces of the fuel rods from reactor #3, found 2 miles away, had to have been expelled at at least 1000 mph.


9/11, 3/11?,... 6/11??


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Re: Fukushima: Sabotage??

Post by Guest on Fri 24 Jun 2011, 2:57 am

Sabotage? Well, my hard drive got knocked out completely about 3 weeks ago; it'll probably be another few weeks before I get another one or get it repaired. I finally have a day off to use the local library computer.

!!Don't click on the radio interview that Jim Stone links on his website!! Some unknown VERY professional malware will result; it ate right into my system within 10 minutes flat.

Perhaps I needed a breather from conspiracy research? Miss you all and hope to return soon as possible.


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Re: Fukushima: Sabotage??

Post by greg parker on Fri 24 Jun 2011, 7:44 am


thank you, my friend. I was starting to get concerned.

Hope your files are recoverable.

See you back soon. Not the same here without ya!


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Re: Fukushima: Sabotage??

Post by Sponsored content

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