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Lee Harvey Coogan
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Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em! Empty Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em!

on Wed 08 Jun 2011, 9:52 pm
Sorry to Spoil the Surprise

This is from a series of notes I've made during my latest two essays, which deal with Joe Farrell's crap 'LBJ' book and the utterly crud JFK-MJ-12 documents circulating around at the moment. The piece below invigorated me-but it ultimately had nowhere to go till here.

It’s highly likely that Robert Wilonsky and Dave Perry had known each other for a longtime prior to Wilonsky's now rather infamous Dallas Observer article on Jim Marrs eleven years ago ( One of Perry’s JFK 'jobs' in Dallas has been keeping tabs
on the local witnesses of the area. And he's been at it for some years now.

The most notable of his charges are Greg Parkers 'favourite' 'Buell Wesley Frazier' and CTKA's eternal 'bum of the month' 'Hugh Aynesworth'. A man whom I believe Wilonsky, is essentially the new ‘hip’ replacement for (pun not intended). Indeed Wilonsky himself has some interesting (and potentially fatal for the undiscerning) connections to the case. Which I shall discuss herein.

The X-Ray That Led to Rubenstein

It turns out that Wilonksy's mum Margaret, was doing her internship as a radiologist at Parkland that fateful day. Furthermore she claims that X-Ray’s of Kennedy’s body were taken at the Hospital. She gave the Museum this information in an interview circa 2005 (url=

Now not one researcher, nor medical professional present at Parkland has ever advocated for there being an X-Ray performed at Parkland then or ever. Nor has there been any debate about it. Bernice Moore tell’s me there may have been some pictures taken. But she remarked along the lines 'that the rumors were so innocuous, they were barely worth worrying about'. So why on earth then did the Museum say the following?

She believes that X-rays were made of the president's body at Parkland which
has long been a point of controversy among researchers.

Well, it might have something to do with the fact that they play extremely dirty.

If anybody has had the privellege of tuning into Len Osanics 'Black Op Radio' the past few years, his discussions with longtime researcher Bob Groden about his ongoing battles at Dealey Plaza have made for some alarming listening. Groden and his supporters (not to mention his lawyer) believe that the Sixth Floor Museum (surprise surprise) have been the chief petitioners behind the horrific City Manager, Mary Suhm’s unlawful harrassment of him. The harrassment has been so bad, even the cretinous Aynesworth criticised the city (not the Museum nope he’d never do that) (

But it's not just in legal matters that the Museum plays 'hardball'. According to Bob Fox there is an exceptionally high chance Museum associate Dave Perry was apparently caught planting false evidence in the Dallas City archives circa 1994. Which incidentally, Jack White, John Armstrong and Jim Marrs came upon. (] The net result is that Perry and his pals, have fun setting traps and then admonishing people for falling for their fraudulent information (this has particular relevance if you have come from the link in Part V of my 'Unmajestic 12' essay. It was thanks in large part to the above article, the experiences of other people (not to mention my own) with the likes of Perry and Mack that I was thankfully able to notice this particular iceberg.

Mums the Word

Robert Wilonksy’s mother is an upstanding member of the extremely conservative (and rather proud of it) Jewish 'Shearith Israel' Synagogue in Dallas which is affiliated with the 'United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism' ( Now I couldn’t care less about anyones religious persuasion. But we can see that Wilonsky’s extremely conservative background (not to mention the likely world view that stemmed from it) certainly makes him a prime candidate for being an establishment mouth piece. What’s also interesting is that Wilonsky’s parents congregation, appears to be the very one a certain Jacob Leon Rubenstein (Jack Ruby) had been part of and where he had sought the support of Rabbi Silverman. As of this date, Wilonsky, whom if you read the follow on from this on here has had a long term interest in the assassination. Yet, he has seemingly never mentioned his families links to the case in any article. Quite possibly he doesn’t want to draw attention too them?

But this excuse (if he ever makes it) would ring extremely hollow.

Why then did he let the Museum lie about the over significance of his own mothers comments? Because what the Sixth Floor Museum's over embellishment of her story has done was lead people like myself to check out if there were any real connections to this tale (of which there are none) Yet I came across her connections to the synagogue in under an hour.

Let’s make this clear. The Wilonsky family link to all of this is not some ‘Jewish link’ to the assassination. The idea that Israel or the Jewish people were prime candidates in the plot is disinformation as bad as any the Museum spins. But they've topped themselves here. Because playing the 'Jewish' card is 'precisely' what the Museum was/is likely trying to do. And it's all designed to suck in those on the fringes and smear you, the reader with the same brush. The aformentioned connections to Ruby were bound too crop up. These guys are smart-very much so, and they plan ahead. They also know full well what goes on at every and all public forums related to JFK.

Just ask anyone whose received an innocuous message from Gary Mack on any given topic from say the Ed Forum!

Jim Fetzers 'The Great Zapruder Film Hoax: Deceit and Deception in the Death of JFK' which dealt with issues surrounding the autopsy, X-rays and the Zap film, which came out in 2003. Had by 2005, caused a good deal of debate (much of it deservedly negative). But most importantly in 2004 Michael Collings Piper bought out the 6th edition of his 'Israelis killed Angleton' book amidst much fanfare from the fantasist elements in the Nexus-nexus ( Is it any wonder then that in between these two major non-events that Mr’s Wilonsky’s story got air time?

Now if we combine the Marg Wilonsky, Parkland, Ruby dis-connection (I wouldn't trust this link in anyway) with the madness inspired by Pipers bile, I have no doubt that the end result would probably be an aggrieved Robert Wilonsky article stating that anti semitic ‘kooks’ ‘nuts’ or ‘conspiracy theorists’ were investigating his family. Look good for the 50th Anniversary don't you think?

Thank god CTKA got there first (not that we'll get any thanks from Fetzer, Piper, Phelps or Stapleton. But hey who would want that anyway?). If my suspicions are indeed correct it really is staggering how far these guys (the 6th floor) will go to further their own aims in discrediting genuine researchers and conflating us with the Pipers of this world. The Museum has exploited racism, religious intolerance and used an elderly woman as the locus for this. How low are they prepared to go?

Wilonsky and a Prior History of Lies

Considering the depths that Wilonsky is willing to stoop, Jim Marrs should have seriously checked out his Kennedy CV out well before letting him into his house for any interview.

As mentioned earlier, on July 6th 2000. Wilonsky, did a feature ‘hit piece’ on Marr’s for the Dallas Observer ‘The Truth is Way Out There’ ( For more background on Perry I highly recommend Jim DiEugenio’s review of the Sixth Floor Muesums ‘Inside the Target Car, Part 3: How Gary Mack Became Dan Rather’ ( for the time being let's accquaint outselves with Rob. Mr Wilonsky is a film critic and has been seen on Ebert and Roeper ( He’s a ‘pop culture’ commentator critic ( and he often comments on the local music scene in and around Dallas ( Judging by the general tone of his writing, Wilonsky likes to think of himself as something of a rebel and a satirist.

The problem is that he is neither. He’s an establishment figure and an average to bland writer and humourist (as one will see in the numerous examples herein). In fact the guy strikes me as suffering from a dynamic case of ‘charisma bypass’. But as we all know that’s the sort of person who gets rewarded when they toe the line on the Kennedy assassination. Just look at the stellar careers of the anti conspiracy crowd like Dale Myers, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Gary Mack, Tom Wicker, Hugh Aynesworth or the aformentioned Gus Russo ( there's more life in a corpse.

Prior too the Marrs article, Wilonsky had been on the Kennedy beat for sometime. He and Dave Perry’s articles had appeared in Steve Gerlach’s ‘Probable Cause’ magazine in November of 1994. Wilonsky got a huge scoop interviewing General Edwin Walker ( He then wrote a glowing tribute to Mailers Oswald’s Ghost in 1995 (

There’s also an interesting interview he did with Jesse Curry’s son Gene in which Wilonsky condemns the critics for ruining Curry’s career when in fact it was actually the Dallas Citizens Council, and his buddies at the DPD, Hoover at the FBI and then the Warren Commission whom essentially scapegoated him. ( Curry in all reality is one person the average ‘critic’ regards as one of the few members of the DPD whom came away with his dignity intact. Wilonsky never mentions that Curry in his biography stated "We don't have any proof that Oswald fired the rifle, and never did. Nobody's yet been able to put him in that building with a gun in his hand.”(Groden & Livingstone; High Treason, pg 237) And as can be seen here in his interview with Peter Dale Scott discussing a shot from the right front in Dealey Plaza circa 1977. (

He can be seen here making odd jibes about Neil Burgers ‘Interview With an Assassin’. Which Wilonsky, also a film critic (and a rather poor one at that) praised this lame conspiratorial variation of the infinitely better Belgian, ‘Man Bites Dog’ ( as ‘poking fun at conspiracy theorists’ when it was merely a mockumentary that implied the central character was a shooter, capturing a juxtaposition as to whether the character was for real or not. He also took a mean spirited swipe at COPA that very same year ( One should contrast this to his ‘ever so kindly’ coverage of the Sixth Floor ( to Gary Mack and the 6th Floor Museum a number of times in a highly favourable manner. (

Of note is his touching article detailing Bill Paxtons photographed attendance at JFK’s Fort Worth Address the morning of the Assassination of which the 6th Floor Museum cashed in on (Paxton is behind the current Bugliosi inspired Hanks production). In which it’s not too hard to imagine Wilonsky, the ‘fresh face’ of denial in the case making one or two appearences. ( He’s also given favourable reviews of Bugliosi’s awful tome ( And by 2006 Wilonsky the 'cheap shot' king still wasn’t finished with Marrs. He browbeat him and Stone again in (

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greg parker
greg parker
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Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em! Empty Re: Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em!

on Mon 04 Jul 2011, 12:50 pm
Willy or wontsky give a rebuttal?

He may not have even seen it cos Mr Mack has never joined or even contacted any members here as far I know.

I'd like to see the "victims" of your hatchet jobs (and I mean that in the nicest possible way Laughing ) stand up and have a crack at defending themselves mano-a-mano.

Australians don't mind criminals: It's successful bullshit artists we despise. 
              Lachie Hulme            
The Cold War ran on bullshit.

"So what’s an independent-minded populist like me to do? I’ve had to grovel in promoting myself on social media, even begging for Amazon reviews and Goodreads ratings, to no avail." 
Don Jeffries
Lee Harvey Coogan
Posts : 23
Join date : 2009-08-22
Location : New Zealand

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em! Empty Re: Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em!

on Sat 16 Jul 2011, 7:12 pm
greg parker wrote:Willy or wontsky give a rebuttal?

He may not have even seen it cos Mr Mack has never joined or even contacted any members here as far I know.

I'd like to see the "victims" of your hatchet jobs (and I mean that in the nicest possible way Laughing ) stand up and have a crack at defending themselves mano-a-mano.

Lol I'm glad you noticed it.

I'm not going to the bank 100 percent on this. As you know you never can with speculation. So yeah mate I maybe going off on a tangent. But why did they talk smack about Wilonsky's Mum? And why when Fetzers and Pipers god awful mess came out did she suddenly erupt out of the ground? Yes, I would like a reply from these guys.

An explanation as to why to they were amping Mrs Wilonsky over nothing is sorely needed. I posted this link at DPF in a discussion I started about Jim Marrs. I hoped it would grab their attention. I'll probably get a reply their Parks. I'll post it here and my reply when and if that ever happens.
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Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em! Empty Re: Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em!

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