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How many Sharks can One Man Jump? Empty How many Sharks can One Man Jump?

Wed 29 Mar 2017, 11:58 am
Jim Hargrove wrote:John can trace the Harvey and Lee project back to an address on San Saba Ave. in the Fort Worth suburb of Benbrook in 1947.  That is the earliest known U.S. home of Russian-speaking Harvey Oswald.
How many Sharks can One Man Jump? SAN%20SABA
In an explosive new article soon to be available on, Dr. James Norwood describes the implications of the evidence John A. uncovered from Tarrant County land records that Harvey Oswald lived at 101 San Saba Ave. in Fort Worth TX in 1947.
Even today, the Benbrook suburb of Fort Worth is a sparsely populated community of slightly more than 20,000.  But in 1947, this area was even more remote, as it was just beginning to be developed when Marguerite Oswald purchased the property at 101 San Saba.  One struggles to comprehend the motivation for both the purchase and the eventual sale of this home by Marguerite, who incurred a substantial loss of her initial investment.  Moreover, she and her three boys apparently only stayed briefly in the San Saba home, according to the testimony of Robert Oswald before the Warren Commission.  As Robert was recounting this part of his life story, Commissioner Allen Dulles called for an adjournment.  When the proceedings resumed, this subject was simply dropped.  The reason that this issue was explosive was that the real Marguerite Oswald and her three boys were residing at 1505 8th Avenue in Fort Worth in the summer of 1947--the precise time when the Warren Commission chronology sought to establish that Marguerite and her children were living in Benbrook.  Of all of the evidence of young Oswald, the story of 101 San Saba may hold the key to understanding the original idea of the Oswald Project.  For the curious student of the JFK case, here is one question to answer about the relatively obscure saga of San Saba in the youth of Oswald:   Why would the FBI feel compelled to interview neighbor Georgia Bell following the assassination, then change her affidavit to reflect a different date she provided about the time of residency of Marguerite Oswald in the house across the street?
Marguerite bought the San Saba property, and her first “tenant” was the Marguerite impostor with a little boy. This was the beginning of the Oswald Project.
It’s hard to be precise about Harvey’s age.  LEE Oswald was born in New Orleans in 1939, and in order for the impersonation to work, HARVEY had to be ROUGHLY the same age. John believes HARVEY was probably a little older than LEE, and I believe in John’s research.  My guess is that Harvey was a year, maybe two, older than Lee, but underdeveloped because of a deprived childhood.
I want to address the highlighted area and will break it down into its component parts.

1. Robert's testimony: Robert at no time mentions the San Saba address. It is simply referred to as the "other" place in Benbrook in which the family had lived. 

2. Length of time at this address according to Robert 

From Robert's testimony

Mr. JENNER. I think I might go back a little bit. I will return to the firearms.
But to maintain the sequence, when you and your brother John came to Benbrook, Tex., after you completed your schooling at the military school, I assume you attended school in Benbrook, Tex. 
Mr. OSWALD. No, sir; we did not, because we were just there during the summer months. And we moved prior to the school year of 19---- 
Mr. JENNER. '48? 
Mr. OSWALD. '48---we moved to the address on Ewing Street. 

So Marguerite and the three boys were there for the entire summer. It is also possible Marguerite and Lee had been living there prior to summer.

3. Did Dulles call a recess and then change the subject on return? No!

Mr. JENNER. At the recess, Mr. Oswald, we were dealing with excuse me. We were dealing with the period of time that you and your mother and your two brothers lived in Benbrook, Tex. This brought us through the summer of 1948, I believe. Am I correct? 
Mr. OSWALD. That is correct, sir. 

4.  Were Marguerite Oswald and her three boys residing at 1505 8th Avenue in Fort Worth in the summer of 1947--the precise time when the Warren Commission chronology sought to establish that Marguerite and her children were living in Benbrook? No. These goobers cherry pick Robert to pieces. As above, Robert stated in testimony that the family lived at the Benbrrok (San Saba) address for the summer and moved to the Fort Worth address just prior to school resuming. There is zero evidence of any overlap at these addresses.

5. Georgia Bell. Armstrong claims that the FBI changed the report of her interview to reflect that the Oswald's lived there in 1948 when she had really said 1947. The reports specifically states that Marguerite and the three boys were there for about 3 months in the Summer of '48. This is in full agreement with Robert Oswald's testimony. 
And as far as I can tell, Armstrong fails to mention that Robert gave the same information.  If the aging Mrs Bell stated 1947 to Armstrong, it was for the same reason that others told Armstrong something different to what they originally said: the power of persuasion. the Big Sell. It works very well on vulnerable people such as the elderly.

6. Did Marguerite ever rent the address out to her own alleged doppelganger  or anyone else? Not according to Robert.

Mr. OSWALD: I would assume that she did, sell the house at Benbrook, because she didn't rent it, and we no longer went out there. I feel sure she did sell it. 

There is also this from the HardlyLee.Nut site:

HardlyLee.nut wrote:Another FBI report claimed that neighbor Otis Carleton said Mrs. Oswald and her 3 sons lived at 101 San Saba in 1947. This is impossible, as Marguerite and her three sons were living at 1505 8th Ave. in Ft. Worth. This same report says that during this time Mrs. Oswald "insisted/demanded" that Carleton buy her house, which he agreed to do as he was purchasing other properties in the neighborhood. This conversation between Carleton and Mrs. Ekdahl allegedly occurred in 1947. But, once again, Marguerite Ekdahl and her three sons were living at 1505 8th Avenue in Ft. Worth in 1947. Mrs. Oswald did not "insist/demand" that Carleton buy the property in 1947, because she rented 101 San Saba continuously for over 4 years, and in June, 1950 listed the property for sale with J. Piner Powell Real Estate. Carleton did eventually buy the property, but not until four years later, on November 6, 1951. 
The report on Otis does suggest that Marguerite and the boys lived at 101 San Saba for 6 to 8 months in 1947. It does not state that outright.  What the report does state is that he lived on San Saba in 1945, 1946 and 1947 and that Marguerite and her boys lived at 101 for 6 to 8 months,  That said, I would likely also interpret it as meaning that it was in 1947. By the same token, his 6 to 8 months shows his memory was not so good. The elder boys were at the Military Academy except for the Summer months, so we are looking at a maximum of 3 months - precisely as stated by the Bells and Robert Oswald himself.

The claim that Marguerite owned and rented the property out for 4 years after vacating it, needs to be fully supported by documentary evidence.  How long will we wait for it?

Ditto the claim that Otis Carleton did not purchase the property until 1951. The FBI suggests it was prior to Marguerite moving to Fort Worth.

Another claim made by Carleton is that 101 San Saba became 100... which was listed as the Bell residence. This suggests he is conflating his memory of the Bells and Oswalds - possibly the reason for his 6 to 8 months and year of 1947.

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How many Sharks can One Man Jump? Empty Re: How many Sharks can One Man Jump?

Thu 30 Mar 2017, 12:19 am
Another "explosive" article on doppelgangers that barely fizzles.

And I have quite lost track of the number of sharks jumped.

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How many Sharks can One Man Jump? Empty Re: How many Sharks can One Man Jump?

Thu 30 Mar 2017, 4:18 am
You and Tracy are doing a good job refuting all this nonsense,Greg.Sadly nothing seems to deter the Harvey and Lee fanclub.

Out With Bill Shelley In Front.
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How many Sharks can One Man Jump? Empty Re: How many Sharks can One Man Jump?

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