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Thu 28 Sep 2017, 1:15 pm
I am willing to concede, based on more evidence, that Oswald may in fact have had a driver's license. 

That further evidence is from Buell Wesley Frazier:

Mr. BALL - And why did--did he tell you why he wasn't going to ride home that weekend? 
Mr. FRAZIER - Yes, he did. He said he was working on his driving license and he was going to go take a driving test.
Mr. BALL - Did you ever ask him afterward if he had taken his driver's test? 
Mr. FRAZIER - No, sir; I never did. I assumed that he had taken it and passed it what part of the test he was taking. Most men do, I say, they usually work at it, study at it good enough so they don't flunk out.

Representative FORD - Do you have to get a learner's permit in Texas before you can get a driver's permit? 
Mr. FRAZIER - No, sir; I say, you don't. Just two steps to it. I say, first no matter what age you are; say, when you have to be at least 14 is about the youngest you can get it in Texas and then you have to take a DE, Driver's Education, if you are going to school but otherwise, the age is 16 and you just go around to the driving license bureau there, they have an office in most any town of any size in Texas, and you just go in and see the driving license man and just tell him that you plan to take your driving test and you would like to have the auto manual, and the manual covers any laws and so forth in the State of Texas, and you can either study for your operator's or your commercial and you pick out which one you want, and you study up for it and then he is there, he tells you what days he is in his office, and so he goes there a certain time and he gives you several sheets of paper, a quiz and you answer them questions, and if you--you have to make a grade of 70 on it to pass and if you make a grade of 70 or above, well, I say, in another week or two you go down there and you say like for instance if you are going to want a driver's license for a car-- 

Mr. BALL - Did you ever talk to him on whether or not he could drive a car, knew how to drive a car? 
Mr. FRAZIER - Well, I say, I believe the first afternoon, the first time we was going home and we were talking about that and he said he was working on his driving license then, and then naturally like I told you several weeks later, then he told me he was going to take his driving test and I assumed he could drive a car being as old as he was because most everybody in the State of Texas by. the time you are my age if you can't drive a car something is wrong with you. 

If I read Frazier correctly, you simply took a written test to get your license if you were over 16. No actual driving test or initial learner's permit involved.

We know officially that Oswald did not have a license and that twice, his efforts to sit the test were allegedly thwarted.

We know that Garrison's men found witnesses claiming that such a license did exist, having come into the License Records Department of the DPS. I still have some misgivings about that story, but nevertheless...  based just on Frazier's testimony, it is possible the DPS witnesses were telling the truth.

This scenario does not require two Oswalds as the Harvey & Lee Gang would have you believe, with one doppelganger being licensed and able to drive while the other was not licensed and couldn't drive.

All it requires is one Oswald who did in fact take and pass his test as assumed by Frazier, with that information deep-sixed after the assassination because a driving Oswald made certain Oswald sightings a lot more convincing - with such sightings exposing the lone nut nonentity lie they had painted. It would also possibly expose pre-assassination framing as a communist in at least one episode involving a driving Oswald.

And as Frazier said, if you couldn't drive by the age of 19 in Texas, there was something wrong with you. That sort of thinking would not exactly hurt the lone nut story.

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