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Lee Harvey Coogan
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Notes on Alex Jones Part 1: Alex Jones In Context. Empty Notes on Alex Jones Part 1: Alex Jones In Context.

Sat 12 Sep 2009, 7:37 am

The South-West United States has a rich history of faith healers, travelling medicine men, preachers and self promotional geniuses like Sam Houston, Buffalo Bill Cody, Colonel Tom Parker (okay, he was actually Dutch), Billy Graham, Davy Crockett, Rush Limbaugh and Sam Phillips. It’s also a part of the globe that is generally religious, conservative, anti intellectual and suspicious of the outside world. This was seen in it’s ugliest form during the slavery and civil rights era's []

Nonetheless it’s the perfect environment in which a confident, larger than life character can go on to find fame and fortune. The old mantra 'Never let the truth get in the way of a good story' has become an integral part of these often larger than life personas.

That's probably why Alex Jones is something of an anathema to those of us unfamiliar with his particular take on the world and its problems. I know for a fact I
struggle with it. But it's through understanding Jones original target audience that we can understand a little more about Jones himself. Thanks to the internet Jones has found a wider audience than the Wrestling/NASCAR
fans, Survivalists, Branch Dravidians, farmers, and Mormons (yup apparently he's pretty popular with this lot) he started out with. He has also become a favourite of a vocal minority of evangelical Christians who have been at odds with the Bush administrations lack of concern about
illegal immigration, the encroachment of the United Nations, Barak Obama’s supposed socialism and the NWO (New World Order) impact on their lives.

I first encountered Jones in about 2004. A poor wild eyed fellow back here in New Zealand heard I was interested in issues of a covert nature and gave me a Video compilation of Jones's he had titled "Alex Jones, The Peoples Champion." I had some time to kill so I sat down with a hearty chicken roll and proceeded to watch. What struck me about Jones was that he was loud, had tons of nervous energy, and had no idea how comical he was.

The highlight of the odd compilation I received was when a picture of George Bush appeared onscreen. This was followed by Jones calling GW a criminal and practising 'Satanist'. As soon as 'Satanist' was mentioned the screen went blood red and sinister music thudded through my TV. The image left me choking and laughing all at the same time. However, for a tobacco farmer in Virginia, the Benny Hinn fan in Kentucky, and that survivalist in Missouri the imagery would be nothing short of motivational. Jones is well aware that he just needs to say 'Satan' and the South-Western United States is afire. If he spices it up with news that societies of Satanists, socialists and globalists want to confiscate their guns then you have an
instant hero. Hence he caught my interest but, for all the wrong reasons.

I am sure you the reader are familiar with both. But let’s make a brief comparison. Jones is devoutly against universal healthcare, whilst Moore is very pro. The question one should ask is who has the better structural analysis? Well, I'll use their take on the medias covergae on 9/11 as en example.

Jones would denounce the media for covering up the truth about 9/11. ( In his mind this is because of their being part of the NWO and subservient to the Bilderberger’s and Tri Lateralist’s who organised the plot ( On the other hand Moore would simply say that the media went to sleep because the press is not free and never really has been. This is not a direct quote from Moore, but I believe an accurate composite of what he has said over the years

"Why should they tell you the truth? Television, newspapers and radio exist as mediums simply to 'sell' you advertising. Only the truly naive amongst us believe that it's there to inform or entertain us"

Now here's a 'hot' tip. Even people who despise Moore would go along with him on this one because it is the more accurate analysis and it's not caught up in mystic mumbo jumbo. If you watch a well made and intelligent movie like ‘The Corporation’. Its little wonder Alex Jones doesn’t feature on it.

A good question is why is this? Well, according to the father of
the Neo Con movement himself Fredrich Hayek, it appears that right wing ideology had lost the war with academia because of its limited vision and outlook. ( This is not my own bias here, Hayek was deeply opposed to leftist social theory.

Jones, who was born into privellege due to his father being a highly successful dentist is a college drop out who generally seems to loath academics.
( Moore, whose background was far less affluent than Jones, was also a tertiary no show, but of the two he seems to be far more
comfortable and less suspicious of the intelligentsia. ( Moore has also authored numerous books. I have to ask the reader if they can recall the book Alex Jones wrote? Well, he has written one its based on his documentary entitled 9/11 the road to Tyranny and after seeing his partner Paul Watson’s attempt (which I examine in part 2) I dont think Jones should be allowed to write anything further at all.

As for Jones taking umbrage at Moore for being a wimp about 9/11, well I have to say fair enough on that one. Moore was silly to call doubters of the official version “Un American” however Moore has changed his views considerably on the issue and has voiced his own suspicions to Jones’s Prison Planet.This however, isn’t good enough for Jones who still utilises Moore’s earlier comments, and berates the left for not doing enough to expose the truth ( The problem is that a number of left wing media figures like Phil Donahue tried to expose the Bush administration but got canned. ( Jones displays his amazing powers of selective memory loss again as he forgets that on his website he is only too proud to state that he has spoken to Henry Rollins, Ralph Nader, Charlie Sheen
and Willie Nelson all relatively left of centre individuals who have expressed grave doubts about the official version. ( As you will see in the next part, there is a reason why he is so selective.

Michael Moore (like him or loath him) is pretty upfront about what he stands for, and bar his disagreements with Nader and the Green Party, Moore has been enough of a consistent advocate of left wing ideology, to raise the hackles of any and all types of Right wingers.

Jones on the other hand maintains an agnostic Libertarian position which labels the left and right debate as a meaningless tool utilised by the elites as a form of social control. George Bush, was once his cash cow but now that Obama is on the scene Jones is on air constantly berating Obama’s ‘socialism’ and his govt run healthcare plans. Yet, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, a genuine socialist (and a person who generally enjoys the support of Prison Planet) has extensive government funded healthcare programs running throughout his own country. Jones ideological perspective shows its first cracks here. He seems to ignore the fact that the very people advocating Chavez’s overthrow are the same type of groups lobbying against US healthcare reform as enacted by Obama. (

Jones is smart enough to know that Obama is nowhere near as leftwing as Chavez or Martin Luther King for that matter. It's a well known fact that King like Chavez had strong socialist beliefs ( and that he also strongly stumped for public health care provision ( However, Jones has not gone out of his way to ever denounce Kings views.

Jones has no idea that President Kennedy was assassinated mid way through his
attempt to normalise relations with Castro. ( Castro like King was also another socialist, who had free health care policies. Jones has not once mentioned that Kennedy himself had voiced an interest in creating government funded healthcare provision for the elderly, and his brothers Bobby and Ted So it looks as if JFK would have quite likely expanded his provision for healthcare for the elderly to a universal one. Yet Kennedy has never been labelled a shill or a socialist by Jones nor has Cynthia McKinney a stalwart on Jones’s show and an avid campaigner for universal healthcare. (

So what gives? Well the answer on the surface, is
that 2 of the above denounced the official line on 9/11, while three othes were killed as the result of conspiracy, three issues Obama has been extremely quiet on. The exception here is that Moore a person who admitted to his own suspicions about 9/11 and who advocated for universal health care in his film SICKO, is still held in contempt by Jones. Of course its personal, but its also because Jones needs to feed off of popular leftist legacies to help him hold his centrist appeal and give him credibility in sceptical liberal circles, a classic example is Cynthia McKinney’s Green Party, and David Icke’s ‘new age’ crowd who are also Moore cynics.

Jones has done his research and he knows younger
people tend to be more inclined to be more progressive in their views than adults and follow celebrity (hence his courting of them). Moore who does not need in any way to embrace the right, (nor the fringe left for that matter) is not Jones competitor in the extremities market. Jones knows this, yet cleverly positions himself as the radical counter to 'establishment figure' Moore. Where Jones contradicts himself though is that in polarising himself from Moore he ultimately creates a left versus right polemic, which is the antithesis of what Jones preaches because he is in fact an ideologue himself.

Jones often cashes in on the words and meanings of a great many leftists and his consistent usage of George Orwell is a case in point. As we have examined Jones like many successful profiteers displays a remarkable level of intelligence in achieving his fiscal goals. But he shows no signs of great intellect outside this reality because he fails to see that Orwell’s totalitarian state as espoused in 1984 was neither communist, nor capitalist. It was a place where all original thought let alone ideology was outlawed. In railing against the left and right paradigm as a form of social control he ignores the similarities his views have with ‘Big Brother’ in fact he accuses us the ‘Sheeple’ of “Thought Crime” for having a personal political ideology. The reason Jones does not like you thinking for yourself is because your own personal belief system is interfering with his profit margins.

So what
I have documented here is a few of the numerous instances Jones is found guilty of reinventing history, a very ‘Ministry of Truth’ like crime. (
Jones once denounced David Icke as a potential disinformation agent and his ‘reptilian lizard man’ theory as being the “Turd in the punch bowl.” Yet Icke’s patronage enabled Jones to patch into something of a new market and the 'Lizard man' is now a regular on his show. ('secret-rulers-of-the-world'/0/) Ralph Nader was named as an establishment construct in his film American Dictators ( Yet Nader was then interviewed by
Jones (

Jones fails to mention that the idea of infiltrating Bohemian Grove (which effectively broke him across the US) was not his idea at all but English Journalist John Ronson’s. This is documented in his book “Them: Adventures with Extremists” ( Jones clowning and paranoia can be seen in Ronsons documentary series upon which his book was based ('secret-rulers-of-the-world'/0/)

Jones was arrested by the Canadian Police whilst on his way to a Bilderberg convention in Ottawa circa 2006. ( However, Jones drew such attention to himself at the airport that it appears he staged the incident. ( Jones advocates would call my appraisal ‘character assassination’. However, Jones has had himself arrested with cameras rolling more than enough times and these can be seen any time you type in ‘Alex Jones Arrest’ on Google (I’m unsure if Ottawa was filmed).

Despite his openly stated dislike of Michael Moore. Jones cannot escape the fact that he has cashed in on Michael Moore's rambunctious style, and the underground Guerilla film movement Moore (amongst others) helped popularise. He even pinched Moore’s megaphone. Yet, Jones and his followers denounce Moore whom they believe stole off of Jones movie “9/11 The Road to Tyranny” ( In light of what I know now about Jones’s robbing from Peter to pay Paul mentality, it was with great mirth that I encountered a Prison Planet article that criticised Moore’s upcoming film “Fahrenheit 9/11-2”. Now, Moore does promote this film on his website. But I am unsure if this was just a ploy to divert peoples attention away from his new feature 'Capitalism'.

This does not stop Jones and his crew for leaping in on Moore for ‘Cashing in’ on the popular ‘Loose Change’ that is now
distributed by Prison Planet. ( So just after the pots called the Kettle black it then witnessed Alex Jones take a mammoth David Icke like dump in a punch bowl.

Why the mirth? Well, Jones declared that he was the first radio commentator to announce the 9/11 attacks, when he clearly did not ( Thus we see that Jones is actually a caricature of the very liars and hypocrites he denigrates. If ignorance is strength, Jones is very strong indeed.

1) Jones's championing of the right to bare arms is an interesting example of what I term conspirihypocrisy, as he and many of his advocates rail against the evils of the secret government yet fail to see that the very masters of war (The Military Industrial Complex and gun manufacturers) they decry also have massive shares in the very weapons and munitions companies he and his citizen militia fans utilise. Indeed the weapons they are armed with often come directly from military surplus (

Militia and NRA types are a lucrative market for arms dealers and suppliers.
( Armageddon and the government coming to stamp its authority on their inalienable rights is undoubtedly a big sales pitch that people are profiting off immeasurably. Jones in his zeal overlooks the rampant uncontrolled arms bazaars on the streets of Iraq which proliferated after the ‘liberation’ and how they contributed immeasurably to the suffering of its citizens and the untold deaths of US personal since. Could it be that this example of 'guns for all' is not a good one? (

2) The concept that the United Nations is corrupt and setting itself up as the new world government is classic ‘Deliverance’ trailer park conspiratorial talk. Jones seems to ignore the fact that the United States in particularly Rush Limbaugh (an individual whom Jones considers part of the NWO cabal) regularly advocate the United Nations anti American corruption. (

Alex Jones and many others believe the Tri-Lateral commission was behind the establishment of the United Nations and to a degree he is correct. However, Jones would be very surprised to know that George Bush (once his arch deviant) had appalling relations with the UN as have many US Presidents. For god sakes how bad was Bush’s stooge John Bolton. I mean has any Jones fan actually listened to what Bolton was saying? I hardly think the US is a slave to this organisation as this You Tube clip shows (

Jones and his ilk also preach of the coming one world currency. Yet, Jones and co have no idea that were the world to have one single currency, exploited third world labour would become more expensive to pay for and prices for consumer goods would inevitably rise. This is certainly not what the hardcore capitalist captains of industry around the world want and there is a lively debate about its pros and cons. (

3) Believes groups like the minute men are patriots and are not at all affiliated with militant racists. The evidence indicates that many definitely are. There's also alarming evidence that armed groups of neo-Nazis are actively patrolling the Mexican frontier just as we speak. Mind you, this is government propaganda I could be spewing to discredit the militia community. ( Oddly enough, Jones frequently makes use of news media reports heralding something of sinister content, but ignores the above article.

4) Alex Jones and his militia friends often rant against secret cabals in the United States government. What Jones so often forgets is that many prominent founding fathers of the United States who defeated the English and embedded the famous Second Amendment proponent of the citizen’s right to bare arms into the constitution was supported by free masons. (

George Mason, the champion of the 2nd amendment may well have had Masonic support in his initiatives, moreover the architects of the capital (of which Mason was one) festooned Washington occult symbolism. ( Indeed, American free masons were fighting against English free masons in the war of Independence.The rebel lodges tended to be Scottish based whilst the English lodges were loyalist (
So much for a united brotherhood of Satanic love.

It’s clear to any real researcher (or any civilian that has come this far) That it is people like Jones who are the biggest obstacles (next to paid CIA disinformation hacks) for legitimate researchers to get their messages across. This is because they get tarred with people like Jones bad calls. For example to get any issue like Bilderberg (not in my zone I might ad) taken seriously someone legitimate (like Jones friend Jon Ronson) has to undertake the voyage and provide an insightful and balanced overview of the situation as he does here. ( In comparison with Ronson, Jones who hates being labelled a “Conspiracy Theorist” is precisely just that.

Thus the government does not need to target Jones for discreditation he is perfectly capable of doing it to himself as you have already seen, and will continue to do so. Because the next stop on this journey is really where it all began. You guessed it, the Kennedy assassination, and as expected Jones has missed the bus so badly on the single most controversial murder in history it ran him over.

Part 2 follows.[/center]
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