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Fletcher Prouty VS Rudolph Reich Empty Fletcher Prouty VS Rudolph Reich

on Sun 25 Oct 2020, 1:21 am
At the Education Forum there is a thread by Rob Clark on his Podcast on Fletcher  Prouty

Well some of Malcolm Blunt's documentation sheds more light on this matte of the Military Intelligence Unit "to stand down".

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Fletcher Prouty VS Rudolph Reich Empty Re: Fletcher Prouty VS Rudolph Reich

on Sun 25 Oct 2020, 10:36 pm
Thanks Barto.

Your work and your discoveries have been nothing short of revelatory.
Both you and Malcolm Blunt deserve the highest praise.

I started having my doubts about Prouty when I read the letter he sent to Krulak accompanying the " Lansdale" photos.

More importantly when I read Krulak's reply

He made a point of saying that he never mentioned Lansdale's name. Leaving his readers with the clear implication that Krulak made a " blind I.d"
Independently confirming his own suspicions.

Yet in Krulaks reply he clearly states that Prouty mentioned Lansdale's name.

Prouty was obviously who he said he was but if you were simply to believe him because of his " insider" status, why not believe all the other, even more highly placed insiders who have rubbished the idea that JFK was killed by a conspiracy.

Or is it a case of believing Prouty simply because Prouty tells us what we want to hear?

As usual Larry H brought a great deal of sense ( and class) to the argument. Just as l'm starting to loose respect for a lot of the conspiracy stalwarts, who more and more seem primarily interested in pushing whatever their particular pet theory happens to be and trying to flog books , my respect for Larry keeps increasing.

He understands the crucial importance of compartmentalization. Prouty dealt with transport, the support and facilitation of covert operations. He may have contributed to the Report in question, but its highly doubtful he would have co written it.

As for the infamous " Stand down" order, that sounds like just another yarn. Once reported in one CT book,  due to an almost incestuous cross pollination it  quickly appears in many others , thus entering the conspiracy mainstream.
If anyone dares to question the original source , or provenance they get shouted down ..accused of being a disinfo agent ..

His stuff about GHW Bush naming the ships for the Bahia de Cochinos...Barbara J and Zapata and the whole Antarctica story...more mythologising

His ARRB interview is right up there with Jack White's appearance before the HSCA in the cringeworthy stakes..

As for the Lansdale photos?
Is it possible to id a close friend/ colleague from the back of their head?
Is it prudent to base such an important id on a photo of the back of someone's head alone?

Such identifications are fraught with many times have the gullible ( and not so gullible) ended up being duped by such potentially intriguing scenarios.

Prouty told some fascinating stories to be sure, but have any of his stories led to any major breakthroughs?
Or are they just superficially convincing baubles to hang from the CT tree?
His stories are beguiling but ultimately unproveable. Yarns spun to an eager audience desperate to believe...

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