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"The Devil is in the Details" Malcolm Blunt in conversation with Alan Dale. - Page 2 Empty Re: "The Devil is in the Details" Malcolm Blunt in conversation with Alan Dale.

Thu 25 Mar 2021, 12:27 am
It's heartening to see Jim DiE recognise Malcolm Blunts work. The book provides a fascinating insight into, and coherent overview of his tireless endeavours. Malcolm ( and Barto) have made a real, potentially paradigm busting contribution, thus they fully deserve all the praise that comes their way.

I still enjoy reading Jim's reviews. Occasionally he can produce some trenchant critiques.  

However Jim, like Bill Kelly seems hypnotised by the echoes of an often idealised past. Most of his work could have been written in the early 90s.

Both have rigid inflexible ideas about the assassination; and come hell, highwater , or troll punk Aussie based sites,  they're going to stick with them.

I've never taken Bill Kelly seriously. He seems like a decent enough guy, but I found his crusade to protect the sanctity of the 2FLRE baffling. His apparent fixation with some sort of " Valkyrie in Dealey Plaza" scenario is quite frankly nonsensical. 

It contains a catalogue of basic schoolboy errors.

Even overlooking the fact that his central thesis is based on a demonstrably specious premise. The Valkyrie plan had absolutely nothing to do with the failed Stauffenberg led assassination plot. It was a scheme devised by General Fromm and the staff at the Ersatzheer ( Replacement Army) to deal with any potential uprisings amongst the slave labour force, especially the Ostarbeiters.

Certain aspects of the plan ,however , WERE to be  adopted by plotters on Fromm's staff, as a ruse to mobilise the Wehrmacht units( crucially the detachment of the elite Grossdeutschland regiment, commanded by a certain Major Remer) to deal with the heavily armed SS, Polizei and Party formations based in Berlin.
This is hardly cutting edge stuff. The ultimate July Plot has a long well chronicled gestation. Stretching back to the autumn of 1941 and a group of young disaffected officers( mostly from old aristocratic families, with ancient well established roots in the military caste) on the staff of Von Bock's Army Group Centre, specifically Von Kluges 4th Army. Eventually codenamed Operation Flash there were many attempts on the Fuhrer's life. Some failed, others aborted.
The most (in) famous example being the attempt , masterminded by Henning Von Tresckow, the most resilient and unflinching of all the plotters. A time bomb, of British manufacture,  was smuggled aboard Hitler's plane( he was flying back to the Wolf's Lair after visiting the Eastern Front). A phial of corrosive acid , when broken, would burn through the fuse. The phial was duly broken and the bomb smuggled aboard ( disguised as brandy bottles) but it failed to detonate!!

The Valkyrie bullshit is yet another of the countless  sloppy poorly researched claims that have been accepted as Conspiracy Gospel by the various competing sects of true believers.

A stubborn refusal to refine and develop long held core beliefs is one of the major problems that bedevil this small fractured community. An unwillingness to accept error too... preferring instead to cling to increasingly untenable excuses, that often stray over the borderlands into the realm of sheer fantasy, being the chosen method of dealing with unwanted factual intrusions

If it was proven, once and for all, by incontrovertible forensic methods, by properly accredited experts, that Prayerman wasn't in fact LHO would that make Oswald any less innocent?

Of course it wouldn't.

But yet the fact remains: photographic evidence exists that appears to show the accused assassin standing in the TSBD doorway. This isn't some fanciful claim,  relying on your willingness to perform an improvised self accept that the assassination was masterminded by individuals who decided to replace their chosen patsies features...with someone who looked virtually identical to the aforementioned patsy!!!

Nor does it have a quartet of doppelgangers roaming around...( Two Oswalds and Two Mrs Reid's!!! I bet ace CIA agent Bill Shelley thought he was back in Sid Gottlieb's basement..." Yeh Bill just drink the groovy silver water"....Sadly MK Noah wasn't a big success) Forget all the fucking nonsensical " theories" and the futile self destructive internecine feuding...why isn't everyone getting behind this? What is there to be lost? I mean the present strategies developed by the stalwarts in the upper echelons of the self styled Conspiratocracy have hardly been resounding successes , have they? 

If it turns out that it wasn't LHO I'm pretty certain the folks here have enough class, not to mention intellectual honesty, to accept the result with good grace and try to find a way to move forward.

The demolition of whole 2FLRE imbroglio doesn't rely solely upon the Oswald as Prayerman concept. The debunking of that particular careless deception was far more thorough and multi faceted.

I'm as certain , so far as any poor troll punk can be certain of anything,  that neither Greg, Barto nor indeed any of my fellow ROKCers,  would be gauche enough  to launch a loud obnoxious propaganda campaign, vandalising forums, blogs and podcasts with fantastically unprovable allegations, hinting at all manner of sinister machinations... claiming ,for example ,that the Darnell Weigmann footage had in fact been mysteriously altered... replacing LHO with a face mask wearing double.

Or else LHO was had decided to impress JBK by turning up to work dressed up in  a fez and a kaftan... while the flute he was playing ( a flute Juddufki fashioned from the cured hides of some of the thousands of mice she and Mary Sherman had weaponised in Dave Ferries kitchen) to charm Horny Harvey, his pet Bradenton trouser snake, out of a Dr Pepper bottle was caught in the sunplane...

The willingness to adapt your conclusions when new better evidence appears is surely the hallmark of a genuine researcher. One not blinded by pre determined ideological considerations or narcissistic delusions of grandeur.

Alternatively one who remains stubbornly ossified in the past, and who refuses to accept their mistakes represents the very antithesis... the blinkered zealot.

Whatever lingering traces of the respect and the esteem I once had for Jim were seriously diminished by his lukewarm endorsement of Ed Haslams lurid fiction,  an almost hallucinatory voyage through the looking glass..

And by logging onto K and K to be greeted with the leering physiognomy of Fezzo the Fez gurning back out at me...

The Evidence most certainly IS NOT the Conspiracy... especially if you had to make a conspiracy out of the evidence to prop up whatever incoherent fantasy you just happened to be peddling.

However compared to the Holy Lance of Arizona both Jim and Bill are fully fledged fucking use an Amazon book review as a pulpit for your fundamentalist screeds is , to quote the inestimable Vinny, quite disgusting.

Malcolm Blunt is amongst the tiny minority of researchers whose work is capable of withstanding the scrutiny of the outside world. 

I apologise ( once again!) for my loquaciousness but the more I read and analysis the fundamental texts of trooferism, applying the basic standards of epistemology , the more disheartened I get.

They've created a wonderfully unquestioning fantasy dimension for themselves... they get to consort with holocaust deniers, snake oil touts , frauds, fake witnesses and all manner of zany woo peddlers.. concocting a noxious brew of hateful banality, paranoia drenched ravings, vacuous new age waffle , seasoned with a dash of " revisionist" history, that veers uncomfortably close to dabbling in fully fledged Hitlerian apologetics...

When their latest excretion of bullshit gets dismissed by the " lamestream" media, they get the added bonus of clogging up  their microscopic corner of the internet with self congratulatory clutter... bemoaning the shadowy all powerful cabal of disinfo goons, NWO operatives and " Zionist" shills dedicated to keeping their " troof" from awakening the gullible sheeple from their mercenary slumbers... 

Hand on my coal black heart I've never encountered such a unthinking gaggle of gullible galoots in my life...

To read the likes of Jeffries ( that bargain basement Barnum of bottom feeders) Cory Hughes  and especially everyone's favourite genius Sanibelite pontificating , bemoaning the gullibility of the great unwashed mass of drones and sheeple , tranquilized in their Orwellian stupors may very well be the true meaning of irony.

A fez! A fez! My kingdom for a fez!!
The last words of King Richard HARVEY Plantagenet III 
Bosworth Field 1485

Is that a doppelganger in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?
Artist, poet, polymath, cancer research prodigy Judyth Vary Baker's  first words to Lee HARVEY Oswald. New Orleans April 1963

For every HARVEY there must be an equal and opposite LEE
Professor Sandy Isaac Newton Laverne Shirley Fonzie Larsen's 
Famous 1st Law of Doppelganging

" To answer your question I  ALWAYS  look for mundane reasons for seeming anomalies before considering  sinister explanations. Only a fool would do otherwise. And I'm no fool" The esteemed Professor Larsen  From  his soon to be published  self help book " The Trough of Enlightenment "( Trine Day  Foreword  Vince Palamara)
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"The Devil is in the Details" Malcolm Blunt in conversation with Alan Dale. - Page 2 Empty Re: "The Devil is in the Details" Malcolm Blunt in conversation with Alan Dale.

Fri 26 Mar 2021, 1:28 pm
Well said Alex.

Out With Bill Shelley In Front.
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