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Greg On Black Op Radio Empty Greg On Black Op Radio

Fri 02 Apr 2021, 8:11 pm

Out With Bill Shelley In Front.
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Greg On Black Op Radio Empty Re: Greg On Black Op Radio

Sat 03 Apr 2021, 11:42 pm
Brian was busy prior to the recording, complaining that I was being put on.

Greg On Black Op Radio Doyleo10
As he knows, for the sake of my own sanity, I have him on block and therefore cannot reply directly.

"a holy research terror and an evidence gremlin."

He's close. An unholy ln/ct terror and evidence gatherer. But I admire his efforts to come up with these epithets. He obviously puts some effort into it and they are far more imaginative than his anti-ROKC competitors. Keep up the good work, Brian!

His analogy also needs adjusting.

What we have are thousands upon thousands of radio components. In 1964, the US government cherry-picked the shiniest components to build a radio. The radio didn't work. The shiny components picked were not diamonds. They were actually polished turds.

So then along came thousands upon thousands of amateur tinkerers who thought to themselves, "the radio produced by the government is shit.  I can build one that actually works."

So the tinkerers tinkered, and being fans of the paranoid style and James Bond films, they all eventually made radios of enormous size and complexity. Some had bells. Some had whistles. Some emitted steel grey smoke, some just rattled and rolled. But not a one picked up any sign of intelligent life.

Finally, from the sprawling ether of the web, a small new network emerged. It saw the results of the government and the tinkerers and it was deeply troubled. It took it upon itself to toss all the useless components off the table while putting other components together. As a result of this process, a working radio is taking shape.

Poor Brian is also deeply troubled that someone who  supports the Armstrong model would put someone opposed to that model on his show. Yet Brian (falsely) claims ROKC denies him a membership to post his anti PM hysterics. But his claim is just so that he can complain endlessly about his "censorship". 

According to Brian, however, Len is wrong for not applying censorship in my case. Will Brian see the incongruity of these two positions, I wonder?

"Greg is a regular make-it-up-as-he-goes-along nut that shouldn't be taken seriously." What better endorsement could anyone want than this from Brian, the Human Projector?

"Greg also openly promotes Prayer Man... yada fucking yada..."

Greg rarely ever mentions it. There is no need to. It's all out there and I have nothing that I can possibly add to the already weighty evidence. Brian among others, on the other hand, suffers Prayer Man and ROKC Tourette's whereby he cannot post anything on the web without his Tourette's causing him to automatically type PM or ROKC at least three times in every paragraph. It is all very sad for the sufferers and those who stumble upon them. Maybe one day a cure will come along in the form of clear frames of the figure. 

Sarah Stanton. Something that was started by a sad Glaswegian as an April Fool's joke is now an even sadder Floridian's "solution". Sarah did nothing to deserve this. And among that nothing is look anything like the very male figure dressed in workman's clothes and having a receding hairline that constitutes what we see in those frames.

Brian has no self-control and to that extent, can be forgiven.

Such is not the case with one of the people who responded to Brian:

Donald "I'm-entitled-to-be-paid-for-being-an-independent-populist" Jeffries.

Greg On Black Op Radio Donnyb10

Donny, We mock you. Ridicule you. Throw your anti-Semitism back at you. Lampoon you. Laugh at you. Trying to fob that off as "attacks" is like Pol Pot complaining that he got bad press in the West.

Let's tell the truth about the bannings Donny, since they are regularly dragged up as "proof" of what ever the latest charge against me is.

I was INVITED to do a paper for the Ed Forum. I agreed on the basis that the usual suspects stay out of my face with their Oswald Project bullshit. That was agreed to, so I rejoined. However the Ed Forum failed to keep its end of the bargain and I could not post anything without half a dozen useful idiots trolling and baiting me. The mods failed to act upon it. In fact, one of the mods joined in the baiting. Who was that again, Donny? That's right! It was you! I grew up in a tradition of playing fair, and not to accept unfair play from anyone. So when nothing was done, I took matters into my own hands and was banned as a result. Funny how Donny never mentions all the Deep Politics members banned at the Ed Forum...

And as for the Deep Politics forum... geeze what can I say about those pussies? 

The deep thinker, David Josephs started a thread considered so important that it was pinned.

It is called Detailed discussion and analysis of the H&L evidence.

Got that, Donny? DETAILED DISCUSSION AND ANASYSIS of the H & L evidence.

Right up my alley. Love detailed discussion and analysis.

But for some reason, my contributions were not appreciated. The panic in the troops was visceral, culminating in my banning.

As can be read here though, not every member agreed with my banning.

"He is so opposed to John Armstrong's research that he opposes all the Oswald impersonator sightings, including Sylvia Odio".

This really betrays the albatross around Donny's neck. Everything must be made to fit (by hook or by crook) into an approved conspiracy template. It is part of the price paid to be part of the troofer movement. Although one might suspect that it wasn't a price at all for Donny. 

The Odio sighting is defeated by the very evidence used to support it and has zero to do with John Armstrong's support of it. I'll leave those type of knee-jerk oppositional tantrums to Brian.

1. Odio gave no equivocal testimony as to whether any surname was used, and at least two people she talked to about it later denied she mentioned any last name.

2. On the other hand she was certain the names given for the other two were "war" names - that is, aliases. So why would she believe any name given for the American was a real name?

3. The first name given was "Leon" not Lee. If you wanted to convince the public and investigators that Oswald visited this woman, you would make sure Lee's real and full name was used - repeatedly so as not to be forgotten. Better still, give her something in writing with his name on it. 

4. Leon was described as having a slight beard and mustache. Oswald was always clean shaven.  Again - any professional intel op using an impersonator would in fact, impersonate mannerisms, speech, and physical characteristics - not just approximate them is a very loose and hardly even close manner.

5. You would also do it at a time which did not make a mockery of the timeline you wanted to sow into the record.   

The only argument I have heard against all this is that they actually wanted to create confusion in the records. Which makes zero sense but in the land of Conspiracy-think, it doesn't have to make sense. 

Unfortunately though, it does have to make sense to people with more than two firing brain cells. The ONLY reason for such an operation to begin with would be to show Oswald had the temperament to carry out an assassination. You straight away undermine that aim when you fail to be convincing that this person was Oswald to begin with.

Yet there was a Leon in Dallas at the time. Around the same age and build as Oswald, this Leon arrived in Dallas from Louisiana around the same time as Oswald. Moreover, he was staying at 1026 N Beckley AND had played the part on stage of the person credited with having designed the physical guerilla combat training of Marines. Hmmm. And Leon had offered to use his Marine training to help train the anti-Castro Cubans.

Oh dear. "No significant work" by anyone here, you say?

You carry on with your conspiracies Donny. I'll carry on as part of the ROKC team solving the fucking thing. 

Combined, we have been cited in more books and articles than you and your pals have had hot dinners.

Last edited by greg_parker on Sun 04 Apr 2021, 8:00 am; edited 1 time in total

Australians don't mind criminals: It's successful bullshit artists we despise. 
              Lachie Hulme            
The Cold War ran on bullshit.

"So what’s an independent-minded populist like me to do? I’ve had to grovel in promoting myself on social media, even begging for Amazon reviews and Goodreads ratings, to no avail." 
Don Jeffries

"I've been aware of Greg Parker's work for years, and strongly recommend it." Peter Dale Scott
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Greg On Black Op Radio Empty Re: Greg On Black Op Radio

Sun 04 Apr 2021, 2:37 am
The sheer effrontery of it!! 

Pass me my smelling salts Von Smithers and put some Bruckner on the wireless....I think I feel a swooning fit coming on!!!

Imagine someone having the damnable bad manners to allow someone to make their case and allow the listeners to make up their own mind!!!

What a downright disgrace!! I'm off to write a strongly worded letter to the Sanibel Zeitung..

Wouldn't have happened in the Good Old Days, eh, me old goosestepping. independent minded populist?

As usual , due to their almost unbelievable lack of self awareness , Brian and Donnie , manage to out satirise us poor old troll punks.. Turning themselves into absurdist caricatures...

But there's a darker subtext than just a pair of vacuous goofballs.... Little and Large Go Conspiracing!!!( Little and Large were an execrable light entertainment " comedy duo")

Yet again they expose their absolute close mindedness and intolerance for opposing viewpoints... I remember Brian , back when he wore his dead father's on line persona like a mask in some creepy Oedipal psychodrama... demanding David Von Pein be " held legally accountable" or some such shit ...banned from the internet and banished for having the temerity to disagree with the great sagelike Albert( no Larrytrotter sage isn't what you stuff your turkey with...)

If the more extreme of our Conspiracy crazed chums ever got within a Sanibel inch of the levers of power they'd make Robespierre and Dzerzhinsky look like fucking dilettante momma's boys...

You couldn't make this fucking stuff up... sometimes I find myself giving the proposition that both Doyle , Jeffries and co are performance artistes a la Alex Jones, or else they are involved in some fly on the wall mockumentary, serious consideration...

I'm at a loss to explain it.. surely no one can really be this fucking stupid? and  devoid of emotional intelligence? Surely to God Doyle MUST release he's transformed himself into a ridiculous buffoon .....and that his incontinent ravings threaten to make a mockery of ANYONE even tangentially associated with assassination research?

Conspiracy has become Don Jeffries chosen method of attacking the system he feels has betrayed him and the sanctity of his lily white stupidity.

I'm not joking here; he is the absolute personification of the hate filled little man. The type of bitter twisted small minded fool totalitarian regimes rely upon... The depth of his ignorance is staggering, but it's his propensity to celebrate his ignorance; the ignorance and the hatred of the grey faceless nonentity, the seemingly harmless inoffensive little man, who is in reality bursting with hateful stupidity and envy..

Read his fucking blog, I'm not exaggerating here, the absolute intolerance seeps through every banal poorly constructed sentence... the witless clichés and sophomoric polemics reeking of tortured sexual envy, his utmost determination to deny others the opportunities he took for granted all his life...

The thinly veiled racism and clumsy anti semitism... the nasty vindictive screeds condemning minorities, the ever present scare quotes around " racist"...

Not to mention the chummy nods to holocaust deniers and other peddlers of hate. Outside satirical works Jeffries blog is the only place i've ever read the American Civil War being called " The War of Northern Aggression"...

Need I say according to Don Lincoln was a ****** lover , paedophile and a tyrant, while good old Bobbie Lee and co were gentlemanly paragons of virtue and chivalry, looking out for the best interest of their chattels and their possessions who would sing cheerfully in the fields about the joys of slavery...

I apologise if you find my tone offensive, but I confess I nurture a special animosity towards Jeffries.

He is the virtual embodiment of everything I despise. The intellectually dishonest coward, the fundamentalist zealot , the dim witted myopic fool who dreams of making the world as small as his mind

A coward, a hypocrite, anti semite, holocaust denier...his books are an insult to the intelligence. He displays a terrifying lack of insight and his idea of " history" is a toxic brew of barely concealed Hitlerian apologetics and empty headed revisionism..

Yet I would never once demand he be denied the right to express himself.

On the contrary, the more he speaks the more he reveals himself for the odious small minded fool and bigot he is...

He and his coven of liars and fantasists nurture a special animus for Greg, Barto and this forum. They hate Greg and the forum because we expose the idiocy of their pet theories...most especially Harvey and Lee. 

Neither Greg Barto nor the core ROKCers are willing to play the Conspiracy game ..mouth the orthodox Conspiracy platitudes. 

Jeffries and his ilk ( most especially Fezzo) are almost insanely jealous of Greg and what he's managed to achieve.

What this forum and it's core members have managed to achieve.

That they/ we(  I'm still a relative newcomer and not having spent years in the trenches I don't think it's right for me to bask in others hard earned glory) have managed to achieve this with a spirit of camaraderie and collaboration, while maintaining a sense of humour and genuine humility only further enhances the achievement.

The utter depravity and hypocrisy is best demonstrated by their fussy spinster act...tut tutting furiously at the naughty words and the satirical jabs whilst cheerfully conspiring to propagate some of the most odious lies imaginable...

I admit I'm not a particularly big fan of Black Op Radio, but I respect Len for his willingness to genuinely engage with opposing viewpoints..

If Baggins and crew were serious about wanting to attempt to excavate the truth, and not just in pimping their theory and trawling for converts they'd have taken up Greg's ( numerous) invitations to debate. 

For them the assassination was almost incidental; it was their stupid fucking theory that mattered...

Likewise Jeffries and his odious rabble of hate filled reactionaries and whacked out true believers...its  the Conspiracy that matters.. Conspiracy is their religion.

It serves both as a soothing narcotic and it helps the simple minded make some sense out of their existence..

Conspiracy is the stars they've painted on their ceilings...the stars they're convinced are the sky...and the cracks? The glimmer of light seeping in? Why that's God/ Illuminati /CIA or whomever keeping watch..

The Godlike Sponsors who know and see all...From their facilitators perch beside the Hertz sign they could gaze down Elm Street, past the Triple Underpass and into the future....thus they had the prescience to fake films, using technology that didn't get exist, to cause cognitive dissonance in researchers who weren't yet born...

Better the silence of conspiracy, the silence of hushed voices conspiring than the grim silence of emptiness and indifference..

I'm off to do a spot of ice skating with David Ferrie #2, ( David #1 is stuck in a U2 jam above Roswell) the fake Marguerite, Jack Valenti's doppelgangers fake mom , Chauncey Holt and Raul....

Last one up the grassy knoll buys the matzoh ball soup...

A fez! A fez! My kingdom for a fez!!
The last words of King Richard HARVEY Plantagenet III 
Bosworth Field 1485

Is that a doppelganger in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?
Artist, poet, polymath, cancer research prodigy Judyth Vary Baker's  first words to Lee HARVEY Oswald. New Orleans April 1963

For every HARVEY there must be an equal and opposite LEE
Professor Sandy Isaac Newton Laverne Shirley Fonzie Larsen's 
Famous 1st Law of Doppelganging

" Now can we work on getting Von Pein legally prohibited from using the internet" Albert Doyle. Champion of Free Speech and Credible Moderation
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Greg On Black Op Radio Empty Re: Greg On Black Op Radio

Sun 04 Apr 2021, 4:20 am
The Vacant Lot has a bias against Greg! who would have guessed that. He is nothing but a shit-stirring hypocrite and it's good he gets upset when we call him on it. Even better, he's reduced to straight man for Brian Doyle. How satisfying is it to see him whinge? How satisfying is it to see his new role in life?
Don Jeffries...we salute you...with the finger.


You ain't gonna know what you learn if you knew it....... confused


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Age : 63
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Greg On Black Op Radio Empty Re: Greg On Black Op Radio

Mon 05 Apr 2021, 10:07 am
If you go to Brian's FB page and scroll down the posts, you'll find a photo of him from 1987 with a guitarist who invited him backstage at a gig.

Brian looks like the poster boy for the American Teen - and I mean that in the nicest way possible. 

I mean, he looks so... ordinary, happy and clear of mind.

So what the fuck happened to him after 1987?

He has made a new post on the Facebook Black Op forum. It starts out so well....

"To be fair I listened to Parker's show with Osanic and he might have a case with Hootkins.." 

before degenerating into his usual Tourette's word cha cha cha.

Australians don't mind criminals: It's successful bullshit artists we despise. 
              Lachie Hulme            
The Cold War ran on bullshit.

"So what’s an independent-minded populist like me to do? I’ve had to grovel in promoting myself on social media, even begging for Amazon reviews and Goodreads ratings, to no avail." 
Don Jeffries

"I've been aware of Greg Parker's work for years, and strongly recommend it." Peter Dale Scott
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Greg On Black Op Radio Empty Re: Greg On Black Op Radio

Wed 07 Apr 2021, 1:55 pm
Black Op Radio FB group seems to be Doyle's current platform. He regularly posts there. He still whines about how he was treated at the EF and about his PW stuff etc.

Out With Bill Shelley In Front.
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Greg On Black Op Radio Empty Re: Greg On Black Op Radio

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