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Davidson parses  Empty Davidson parses

Wed 03 Aug 2022, 3:23 am

Robbie Robertson @ the 13 Inch Head Forum wrote:Bart Kamp is an author and researcher at Dealey Plaza UK and has provided critical research into the assassination of JFK. His work and sources come from looking through the archives of Malcom Blunt who is known in the assassination research community for his encyclopedic knowledge of the JFK records held at the National Archives II in College Park, MD. New evidence from these files leads to Prayer Man a figure on the steps of the T.S.B.D. that is rumored to be Oswald. This is one of the most important questions in the JFK case because it means Oswald couldn't have taken the shot on the sixth floor proving him innocent.

Chris Davidson took this quote from it "New evidence from these files leads to Prayer Man" and stated it was incorrect. 

It is not incorrect at all. Davidson is deliberately reading it to say that RR is attributing the PM discovery to Bart and Blunty. He is not. Robbie (I believe) is saying that evidence found in those files lead back to the already known PM figure and help support it. 

When challenged to post evidence for his confused claim, Davidson posted this screenshot from a 2007 conversation with Sean Murphy, and asks sarcastically if he (RR) can see PM in the photo. 

Davidson parses  PM-Man

Not sure (as always) with what the fuck point Davidson's little mind is trying to get at. But here is the history of PM using Murphy as the starting point (because as Bart discovered, others before him kinda sorta pointed in the same direction)

Sean Murphy who I had never heard of at the time, contacted me in 2008 with a still from the Darnell film and giving me some background on why he was sending it.

Sean stated that he had been lurking on various forums and systematically investigating various claims and theories that he came across. The one claim that he had not been able to debunk was my claim that the 2nd floor lunchroom enconter between Truly, Oswald and Baker never happened. As a result of becoming convinced I was right about that, and about Oswald  being on the 1st floor and briefly outside, he started looking for photographic evidence that might support all or any of those contentions.

As shown by Davidson, Sean first starting looking at the Weigman frame - but he was not convinced it was Oswald until he found the Darnell frame - and that was when he contacted me.

My immediate response was that the figure did not look skinny enough to be Oswald. And despite Sean's growing list of evidence for and it despite his great insights into that evidence, the girth remained a stumbling block for me. I did not want to fully ciommit to something just because it supported my reaseach. It was our own Jake Sykes who got me fully on board by pointing out that the "girth" is realy just an optical illusion caused by part of Oswald being reflected in the glass panel behind him. Because of the low quality of the frame, the reflection merges with the figure. What we are really seeing is Oswald, arms folded, leaning against the wall. You can see this clearly once you cover the area that is the reflection. As we have shown here, that was  a pose Oswald had assumed in other photos over the years.

What Bart (via Blunt's files) has added to this initial research of Murphy - and later so well documented and presented in Stan Dane's book, deserves far more respect that the psuedo / crypto bullshit Davidson and his number one fan over at alt.conspiracy.jfk smear on the forum walls.

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Davidson parses  Empty Re: Davidson parses

Fri 05 Aug 2022, 4:52 pm
Two old Sean Murphy threads.

Out With Bill Shelley In Front.
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Davidson parses  Empty Re: Davidson parses

Sun 07 Aug 2022, 3:38 am
If in reading the new PM thread on EF one skips over the obvious Luddite-esque deniers and focuses instead on posts responding with intelligent alacrity, it's a decent airing of the state of PM (or as I now like to refer to him in homage to the late Richard Bernabei: Kman).

Thanks to Barto, Malcolm Blunt, and all the marvelous critical thinkers out there. Kman lives because he can not be denied.

Release clear scans. Reveal the truth about Prayer Man. Preserve the history of the assassination of JFK.
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Davidson parses  Empty Re: Davidson parses

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