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Steven Uanna
Posts : 31
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My investigation Empty Re: My investigation

Fri 13 Oct 2023, 2:10 am
“How Hollywood Makes Movies” was the name of the booth Jack Ruby ran at the Dallas State Fair. Near by under the Science building was the Civil Defense Command Center. A very nice one as they go. To me understanding all the lead roles in the JFK Assassination and what the extras were doing and who was doing lighting and curtain and catering you have to know what the motive was of this whodunnit. Jack Ruby said a new form of government would take over the United States. I agree with Lee’s mother Marguerite that the conspiracy was run out of the US Department of State. Most people don’t know that the CIA was right next door to State on Navy Hill, a very historic piece of property set aside in the original L’Enfant plat for Washington. Allen Dulles occupied Wild Bill Donovan’s old office there and when Dulles was “retired” in the ceremony at the new CIA Headquarters in Langley, in 1961 Dulles continued to occupy the office he had been in during most of the 1950’s.
My theory in a nutshell is that the Bay of Pigs was designed to fail, and JFK was left with a group of hot headed Cubans. Ed Lansdale of the Office of Special Operations in DOD and who was Dulles’s protege had been introduced to JFK in February 1961 right before the Bay of Pigs. Lansdale was a Hollywood type. The two main characters left on stage in this murder mystery are Lee Oswald and Robert Kennedy. State Department Security Officer Otto Otepka makes a connection between them. But in Otepka’s world where communists are everywhere and Fascists can be very nice people all his allegation probably did was drive Robert Kennedy that much harder into sidelining Jim Garrison’s investigation. Yes, Lee and Robert knew each other. Lansdale arranged their introduction. But after the assassination Lansdale was nowhere to be found. Lee was working for the best counterintelligence group America has ever had, the Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC).
But by 1963 the CIC, which had been a separate corps, even separate from Army Military Intelligence, had been folded into the DOD and hamstrung.
The plan was for some sort of demonstration or maybe an actual assault on the motorcade by the firebrand Bay of Pig failure Cubans(encouraged by Clare Booth Luce in their fire-branding) to pose as Iswald’s Fair Play for Cubans and wake JFK up to Castro. The firebrands didn’t know that on that very day JFK had someone talking with Castro trying to restore relations.
This was a silly stunt and would look really silly when the firebrand Cubans claimed they had been set up. They would be neutralized.
The CIC had handled the security for the Manhattan Project. And they continued in similar security responsibilities, like physical security and background investigations for sensitive projects and positions into the early 1960’s. Lee was into this in Japan. And fooling around with a beautiful Eurasian woman who he might have met later at a party given for White Russians. White Russians are a murky bunch, monarchists, they collaborated with the Nazis. The Warren Commission blew this off and most Americans thought these were a bunch of regular Russians, maybe just refugees from communism.
Richard Nagell was a CIC agent. So was Mr. Hurt who had the phone number Lee tried to call from jail, this is the very mysterious Raleigh Call. Hurt had been in Europe and Japan as a CIC Agent during and after WW II.
Lee’s job was to help the FREE Cuba Committee firebrand anti Castro Cubans) be in the right place that day. They would be at the wrong location misled a two motorcade routes published. And evidence would be presented to confirm their escapade. Maybe even CCTV recordings on video tape. But that video, later transferred to 16mm film became the Zapruder Film. Lee was probably never confronted with JFK’s murder. He said that at the Saturday Midnight Press Conference. And Jack Ruby is everywhere trying to do, what? His behavior is very strange that weekend. So is his testimony to the Warren Commission, who did not want to talk to him. Was he in on the double cross. Would Cuba be opened back up? He would be a hero. He was looking at Dealey Plaza from a window of the Dallas News building when JFK was shot, and crying? The Warren Commission didn’t want to talk to Lee’s mother Marguerite either. What the Free Cuba Committee Cubans knew is a mystery too. Sergio Archaca Smith had a diagram of the Dallas sewer system where I think JFK’s head wound came from. Actually a storm drain about 50 feet down Elm Street. RFK was devastated. And rightly so. And he was in the unique position of being in charge of the investigation. J. Edgar Hoover hated him for trying to manage not only the FBI but the whole intelligence community. RFK was well intentioned but as Col. Fletcher Prouty said, by 1958, certainly by 1963, the CIA had infiltrated every branch of government. I have concluded this includes the state governments. Dulles’ office on Navy Hill: this piece of property is also called Observatory Hill. America’s first telescope was here. And first time keeping station. And along with Navy Medical Bureau headquarters, America’s first medical establishment, the little known United States Public Health Service. In 1942 the USPHS moved out to Bethesda and was remanded the National Institute of Health. The Bureau of Naval Medicine moved across the street into a brand new tower buildind known as Bethesda Naval Hospital. Dulles’ office was still in one of the old USPHS buildings on Navy Hill Next to the Department of State. The USPHS comes up a number of times in the books ME and LEE and Dr. MARY’s MONKEY.
What really woke me up to some things is a book called THE SECRET ARCHITECTURE OF OUR NATIONS CAPITOL by Ovason. I conclude that Navy Hill/Observatory Hill was the center of American scientific and intelligence and occult activity. I had read the novel the COSGROVE REPORT, a profound book. The young sculptress Vinnie Ream and Freemason Albert Puke play important roles in each. And Naval Intelligence ran the show for from very the beginning. USPHS, known originally as the Marine Hospital worked along with them doing who knows what. Dr. Mary Sherman was probably killed by a very sophisticated machine at the USPHS “old Marine” Hospital in New Orleans. And the Cancer cure or whatever was probably a front for some kind of astronomy/soul travel device. Navy Intelligence, the FBI, briefly the OSS then the CIA ran the show. But enter the CIC. Nazi war criminal Reinhardt Gehlen states he had wonderful relations with the FBI and CIA, but he knew enough to stay away from the “always watchful’ CIC. “Tramp” Chauncey Holt said there was going to be some kind of a false scenario played out that day. He was providing fake Secret Service ID. And some Dallas police knew about it. They let the tramps go. And other “tramps” were pointed at.
Behind it all is an ancient occult astronomical angel worshipping religion. It started at the Tower of Babel. Flourished in Egypt and today hides behind the Freemasonry/Order of the Eastern Star (for women) cult.
Read the COSGROVE REPORT. Read Ovason’s book.
It’s FREEMASONRY. And it came here in the 1650’s with a group known as the Order of the Quest. George Washington’s ancestors, Robert E. Lee’s, DDCI Charles Cabell’s ancestors. Many more, they intermarry. Up north they are called the Bodton Brahmins. They were related to or in cahoots with European royalty and controlled the Colonial government and then the American government and they still do.
The book Weird Scenees Inside the Canyon shows how they created the counterculture of the 1960’s while the State Department and CIA ripped the fabric of America with the Vietnam War and many other countries in other ways.
Who wins in this. Fascism. The North Atlantic Treaty Orginizarion. The European Union. And all the Nazi war criminals who escaped. And occultists that are still at the Department of State.
Today Navy Hill is locked off. Supposedly an Annex for the State Department. And the OSS Society is working to preserve its history. And quite a history it is. What goes on there? At the corner of the property, outside the fence, but probably connected by tunnels to Navy Hill is the United States Institute of Peace. Double speak?
Looking into Washington can be difficult. But understanding Washington’s and L’Enfants intention, the history of Georgetown, and paintings of all things. Like the one of Lafayette and Washington’s Sarah T. Hughes ancestor. Tench TILGHMAN holds the British surrender document. Washingtwho has not achieved his Zeus like persons that he gets later and Lafayette pointing at Tilghman.
It’s just these kinds of coincidences and scenarios that the Freemasons live. Ceremonies, like the ambulance chase at Bethesda Naval Hospital. I think it relates to the Freemason’s Hiram Abiff story.
JFK’s body probably never entered Bethesda Naval.
It is J. D. (Jefferson Davis) Tippit buried in JFK’s grave. Down the Hill from the Custis Lee Mansion. Custis is George Washington’s adopted grandson who built Arlington House as the first monument to George Washington. The Lee is Robert E. Lee. TGreat Seal of the Confederate States had George Washington on a horse.
But this goes farther back than the Civil war. It goes back to 1960 with the so called first families. And through Freemasonry lots further back,
Steven Uanna
Posts : 31
Join date : 2022-12-09

My investigation Empty Re: My investigation

Fri 13 Oct 2023, 2:13 am
I meant to say 1650 not 1960.
Steven Uanna
Posts : 31
Join date : 2022-12-09

My investigation Empty Re: My investigation

Fri 13 Oct 2023, 5:04 am
Colonel Phillip Corso was an Army Counter Intelligence Corps Special Agent too. In his book THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL he claims the US Military recovered Flying Saucers and their occupants in 1947. He recounts how CIC Agents were doing the investigation. And agents from WW II were called back to duty. Corso concluded they were aliens, probably since genetic engineering was not known at that time. Corso also claimed that he briefed none other than President Eisenhower and C.D. Jackson (Psychological Strategy Board/LIFE MAGAZINE) about American POW’s left behind after the Korean War. Jackson had worked on Eisenhower’s campaign and also founded the Bilderburg group. Corso, in a CCN televised Senate inquiry alluded there was other intelligence involved in this incident. I think the other intelligence was that these Pow’s had stumbled upon the Japanese Atomic Bomb plant at the Chosen Reservoir. It was captured by the Russians at the end of WW II. By 1953, the Japanese were nice guys and the Rosenbergs were to be blamed for giving the “war mongering” Russians the “secret” of the Atomic Bomb. If this information became public it might reopen the debate for international control of Atomic Weapons Robert Oppenheimer, who would lose his Q Clearance shortly, was trying to promote. And it cast the Soviets in a new light. And it asked the question why was this kept secret, since the book JAPAN’s SECRET WAR makes clear we knew about the plant in 1945, for sure by 1946. In the CNN tape Senator John McCain downplayed Corso’s accusation, he said Eisenhower has too much integrity to do this. McCain descended from one of these First Families. McCain’s family owned slaves. McCain claimed he never knew. He apologized and case closed. Not really, go past the slaves back to the 1600’s. Gordon Gray who railroaded Oppenheimer was a first family descendent, big time. He was also Eisenhower’s National Security Advisor, followed by McGeorge Bundy for JFK. Bundy’s father was Secretary of War Stimson’s side.
After Admiral Byrd got back from OPERATION HIGH JUMP to Antarctica he said he went to the “top security people” and told them about what he relates in his diary. Nothing was done. His son, who was on High Jump with him was on his way from Boston to the National Geographic Society in Washington to deliver a speech on what would have been his father’s 100 birthday. He never made it. He was found in a warehouse in Baltimore with old clothes on dead. Charles Cabell ties UFI’s and the JFK assassination together. Cabell was in charge of the newly created US Air Force (from the Army Air Corps in 1947) Cabell oversaw UFO investigations, in 1953 he became Deputy Director of the CIA and kept at the “ investigations” which was debunking. His son Charles Cabell Jr.,had high intelligence and scientific oversight duties as an Air Force Officer. So if you wonder why we can’t get any real information, like getting underacted documents from the late 1940’s, ask Cabell Jr.
And asking the National Archives for information is a joke. The real records, like Edward Lansdale’s, and probably J. Edgar Hoover’s files, are at places like the Hoover Institution in California.
All the Confederate statues being taken down. Where are they? I think in safe keeping. They will be brought out later after a turmoil here in the US. Will it happen? The Nazi enclave at Murphy Ranch though one was coming in the late 1930’s. Maybe now is the time. Maybe not. But did you realize that the Federal police force that watches federal buildings is 900 man strong. The other 13,000 “officers” are contractors.

Steven Uanna
Posts : 31
Join date : 2022-12-09

My investigation Empty My investigation

Mon 16 Oct 2023, 6:49 am
JFK’s National Security Action Memorandums were crafted by his National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy.
NSAM 136 April 16. 1962 advises the IIC Interdepartmental Intelligence Conference chaired by J. Edgar Hoover and the ICIS Interdepartmental Committee on Internal Security that their activities will be evaluated.
NSAM 161 August 17, 1962 advises that both groups will continue as they are but instead of reporting to the National Security Council they will report to Attorney General Robert Kennedy.
McGeorge Bundy in this right along. He had suggested that a report by General Edward Lansdale on counterinsurgency be offered to a magazine like the Saturday Evening Post in an early February 1961 NSAM. 2 months before the Bay of Pigs. Kansdale was an alternative to the Pentagon war hawks that allowed the Vay of Pigs and wanted to start a war during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Among JFK’s NSAM’s are a number directing the establishment of Fallout Shelters for the American people. None existed, only for top government and military. By 1965 funding for JFK’s Civil Defense Fallout Shelters was being cut. Also in 1965 the Attorney General’s control of the IIC and the ICIS was removed and IIC was given back to FBI Director Hoover and a titular head for ICIS because ICIS was much more involved as it involved industrial and Civil Defense and military coordination. The notorious DISC that many of Garrisons suspects disappeared into like Dante Maricini...
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My investigation Empty Re: My investigation

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