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anderson, pearson & the cia

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anderson, pearson & the cia

Post by greg parker on Tue 04 Jun 2013, 10:43 am

Pat Speer at the Ed Forum claims I was cherry-picking in naming Robert Allen and Paul Scott as evidence that CIA "leaks" get published because the CIA wants those "leaks" published. In cases where such "leaks" are not authorised by the CIA, the agency does not take it well. With these two, they instigated illegal taps to try and discover their sources.

Speer's response in part was to ask why nothing happened to Drew Pearson, Jack Anderson and a bunch of others.

In his follow-up post to my rebuttal, he stated

Jack Anderson, for example, broke so many stories damaging to the White House and CIA that Hunt made plans to kill him. He helped Pearson with his articles suggesting Kennedy was killed as blowback from the CIA's attempts on Castro. Although JOHNSON might have wanted this story out...this is NOT something the CIA would have wanted to be made public. Over the course of his career, Anderson published so much classified info, for that matter, that, when he died, a few years back, his personal papers were seized by the Federal Government, so that his sources could be discovered, and Top Secret documents kept from the public.
"He [Anderson] helped Pearson with his articles suggesting Kennedy was killed as blowback from the CIA's attempts on Castro."

Yup. Blowback. Against Kennedy. Because the CIA was operating under Kennedy's orders. But it's what wasn't mentioned in the above reply that is telling. One of their main sources was Frank Sturgis. Anyone who believes Sturgis went behind the back of Howard Hunt to give Pearson and Anderson classified information that Hunt did not want them to have, is either playing every reader for a sucker, or he just has plain rocks in his head. Among those so-called classified nuggets was that Oswald was a pro-Castro agent - meaning he was acting in the employ of Castro.

And as Speer admitted - it was the Federal Government who wanted to find out the sources after Anderson's death - not the CIA.

It is a known fact - and was pointed out to Speer - that both Anderson and Pearson were CIA assets in the so-called Mockingbird program. Speer has chosen to ignore this. Facts be damned.

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