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Summary of leads

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Summary of leads

Post by Admin on Sun 27 Dec 2009, 6:21 pm

Edward L Keenan was present when Oswald attempted renunciation of citizenship in Richard Snyder's office of the US embassy in Moscow. Keenan was a CIA agent who had been recruited by Snyder into OPERATION REDSKIN [Lancer NID presentation, 2009]

Eddie Piper, TSBD janitor, was the most likely employee to be the "elderly Negro" seen by eyewitness Arnold Rowland [board topic, Was Eddie Piper on the 6th Floor?]

The Oxnard phone call was not actually a phone call, but an incantation by a female associated with a cult [board topic, The Oxnard Phone Call Explained]

Sam Pate has made the belated claim that he gave Ruby his spare press pass. [board topic, A Tale of Two Passes]

The US embassy claimed it knew nothing of Oswald's marriage on April 30, 1961 until Oswald made reference to it in a letter dated May 25 - yet there is now evidence that an embassy official was present at the wedding. [board topic, A Marriage of Connivance?]

There was no Truly-Baker-Oswald encounter on the second floor. Baker stopped someone other than Oswald on the 3rd or 4th floor (probably the latter), but let him go after Truly vouched for him. This person matched the description of the suspect seen by Rowland and others at a 6th floor window. He also matched the description of Tippit suspect. [board topic, If Baker had stuck to his Original Statement; more can be found on the Education, Lancer and google forums]

Tim Prado Chapa crossed the US-Mexico border at the same time and place as Oswald is alleged to have done. Chapa used a military ID. Despite having information about where he lived and where his parents lived, the FBI abruptly stopped looking for him. In the 1970s, a Tim Chapa was an informant for NM State Police in COINTELPRO/BOCOV operations against Hispanic civil rights groups. In one incident, Chapa led two leaders of one group into an ambush where they were gunned down by police. Chapa admitted he had been an informant for many years. Is this the same person as Tim Prado Chapa? Many of the COINTELPRO and BOCOV operations involved border crossings into Mexico.[board topic, Border Crossing; Was it Oswald?]

Dr Albert Franklin Staples, the dentist who oversaw the dental work done on Marina at the insistence of the White Russian Community had CIA ties through Project Hope. [board topic, Extractions from Balor Dental Clinic]

Ruth Paine's divorce lawyer, Louise Raggio, had been a Washington intern who befriended LBJ and several of his inner circle including Sarah Hughes and Jake Pickle. She had, previous to joining her husband's practice, been an assistant DA under Henry Wade. Her husband, Grier Raggio, was the DCLU board member who rang Greg Olds urging that they go and check on Oswald's rights in custody. Grier Raggio had allegedly been rejected for intelligence work in WWII due to his alleged subversive background. The Griers however, had their divorce practice in the same building in Dallas as the 112th MIG. The DCLU delegation which went to check on Oswald had the net effect of helping to cover up the abuse of Oswald's rights - up to and including the right to an open arraignment hearing. [board topic, Send Lawyers, Guns & Money]

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Re: Summary of leads

Post by Admin on Sat 25 Feb 2012, 1:39 pm

A new person of interest has been identified. Mason Lankford was employed in security positions with General Dynamics/Convair between '48 and '72. In that capacity, Lankford provided employment verification for Roscoe White regarding his application to join the DPD. It also gives him very likely pre-assassination links to Robert Oswald, IB Hale and Max Clark. Lankford was seconded by the Secret Service to aid with security on the Fort Worth leg of JFK's Texas visit and had a close association with Mike Howard. In 1993, Lankford claimed he locked up about two dozen people for the duration of JFK's visit. Post-assassination, he was again called up by Mike Howard - this time to assist in the protection of Oswald's family. Lankford was one of the most vocal in trying to persuade the Oswald's to have Lee's body cremated. The reason given by Lankford and others was fear of the grave site being desecrated. It is however, very difficult to swallow that Lankford or other officials would care what happened to Oswald's grave, and the apparent high degree of pressure involved is indicative of ulterior motives. See board topic "Mason Lankford".  

Adolfo Hegewisch was a Mexican Right Winger of German extraction who co-founded and was an early president of,  International House in New Orleans. He was also an early president of the CIA front, the Cordell Hull Foundation. During WW I, Hegewisch had been investigated by the FBI on suspicion of smuggling goods to an embargoed Germany through shipments to Spain, and his vast Latin American contacts through International House, made him ideally placed to at least be a source of information about smuggling operations in later years. Among his acquaintances were Alton Ochsner, William Gaudet and Clay Shaw. In 1953, he turned the management and ownership of his company over to the company's vice-president, Gerard F. Tujague, who renamed it Gerard F. Tujague, Inc. This company employed Lee Harvey Oswald in November, 1955. See Essay "Adolfo Hegewisch" at main site.

Ruth Paine attended a Young Friends meeting at Earlham College in 1947, 4 years prior to becoming a Quaker herself. The college is located in Richmond, Indiana; the heartland of Conservative Quakerism.  Among the Earlham alumni was Bonner Fellers who twice worked with MacArthur coming over from from OSS. His specialty was interrogation and psychological warfare. He later became a prominent member of the John Birch Society. His daughter Nancy Jane, was n Earlham graduate in '52. Ruth Paine met with two professors from Earlham just prior to her final few months of involvement with the Oswalds. Another alumni from Earlham was Von Peacock, acting Director of the Casa de los Amigos in Mexico City at the time of the FBI assassination investigation. Additionally, Von Peacock and the Hydes had ties to Wood County, Ohio. Von Peacock retired to Northern Virginia... CIA country. For more, see board topic, "Earlham".

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Re: Summary of leads

Post by Admin on Sat 25 Feb 2012, 10:09 pm

Following on from the Earlham College/Conservative Quaker leads, we can put Ed Duckles, the founder and president of the Casa de los Amigos, in a similar category. He was a follower of Bertram Wolfe, an ex-Trotskyist turned professional Anti-Communist. In particular, he thought Wolfe was correct in writing that the Soviets would inevitably subjugate more and more people, and that this would lead to WWIII. Wolfe, who helped develop the policy of American Exceptionalism, was taken by Duckles on a lecture tour of AFSC functions. See Lancer NID PP presentation available from Lancer.

James Jarman told a HSCA investigator that he heard on the day of the assassination that Oswald had been allowed to leave the building after coming down the front stairs. This permission was given by Roy Truly and the same police officer who ordered Norman and Williams and himself back inside. See: HSCA transcript at main site.

Harold Norman told the HSCA that Bonnie Ray Williams bought some chicken from the lunch van for lunch and that he, Williams and Jarman went to the 5th floor to eat and watch the motorcade. See: HSCA transcript at main site and board topic "Norman's HSCA interview: Williams Did Not Go to the 6th Floor".

Edward Shields described to the HSCA how other workers had told him that Frazier let Oswald out at the Elm St building before going off to to the car park and that  Givens had yelled out to Frazier asking where his ride was. This is quite a different set of circumstances than the official version of events and more will said about it in due course. See: HSCA transcript at main site.

If Oswald was the author of letters to Marina whilst living in Minsk AND the so-called Walker letter, then his Russian ability had slipped badly in the intervening period. The only alternative explanation is that the "Walker Letter" was authored by someone else. Ruth Paine's written Russian was better than Oswald's - but she testified that while Oswald's Russian vocabulary was very good, his grammar was poor. The problem is that his writing only reflects poor grammar in the "Walker letter". His other Russian writings, despite not being quite to her standard, displayed markedly better than "poor" grammar. See: board topic "LHO and Russian Things"

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Re: Summary of leads

Post by greg parker on Mon 28 Nov 2016, 2:51 pm


It's been a while since anything was added here. I have unlocked it so that anyone can add more leads, or update anything already listed.

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Re: Summary of leads

Post by Sponsored content

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