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Embittered Simkin exiles don't like me Empty Embittered Simkin exiles don't like me

Sun 10 Nov 2013, 2:21 pm
David Reitzes wrote:Certain former members of the Simkin forum (some who were kicked out and 
some who apparently left voluntarily) have been having online conniptions 
that I'm allowed to post there without fear of repercussions: 

The forum is run by Greg Parker, who used to post here under the name 
"Magic Bullet." His great contribution to the JFK discourse would have to 
be his acclaimed scholarship in linking Jack Ruby to CIA mind-control 
plots. Despite his persistent, frothing hostility towards me, I once 
offered him a friendly invitation to visit a (now-defunct) Bob Dylan fan 
site of mine. He responded by suggesting that I wanted Dylan dead, along 
with all the rest of the great liberal icons. (I would speculate that no 
one might be more surprised than Dylan himself to hear that he's still a 
liberal icon, but I'm glad he's still around either way. I've seen him 
perform live a couple of times, and on neither occasion did I attempt to 
assassinate him.) 

Greg Parker and his buddy Lee Farley, two die-hard CTs with a temper and a 
really bad attitude. When I used to post on the EF, both of them did their 
very best to bully me out of there. Farley even send me some really nasty 
insults as personal messages. 

"You're a pest and an idiot" and such. So yes, I couldn't say that their 
bullying was entirely in vain, as this definately had something to do with 
me leaving that forum. 

Australians don't mind criminals: It's successful bullshit artists we despise. 
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The Cold War ran on bullshit.

"So what’s an independent-minded populist like me to do? I’ve had to grovel in promoting myself on social media, even begging for Amazon reviews and Goodreads ratings, to no avail." 
Don Jeffries

"I've been aware of Greg Parker's work for years, and strongly recommend it." Peter Dale Scott
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