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The depressing side of research

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The depressing side of research

Post by greg parker on Mon 25 Nov 2013, 2:09 pm

Is finding out just how big the lies are.

As I get further and further into the research of the manuscript, the more angry and depressed I get. 

I swear that on my death bed I will be able to say in great detail, just how this case has affected me and to what extent.

The lies are of big pineapple proportions and they come from every which way. I can say I have just spent the past 3 days getting to the bottom of just one WC claim. It never happened. The WC knew it never happened. The witness whose word they took, had, in no uncertain terms, told the FBI it never happened. That it never happened, is all too clear when you looik at ALL the evidence.  

But once they got this person before the WC, he was suddenly singing from THEIR songbook. I will add that Mary Bledsoe was not the only singer who needed a lyric sheet...

This incident has been largely ignored by CT authors - probably because it goes to Oswald's guilt. On the other side, it has been hammered home that it showed Oswald's true colors. Those same gloaters (Posner being one of the main ones) who bemoan lack of mention of it by CT authors, have themselves been guilty of relying solely on this person's WC testimony and/or the WCR (which in any case, also relied on the testimony of that same one person), while ignoring a plethora of other far more convincing evidence.

Three days of reading all the documents and testimony, I can safely say I t never happened it all. That is not me talking as an Oswald advocate. It is me talking as an impartial jurist. It was a crock.

Yet history records it as fact.

If this incident happened, then I have a photo of no small historical significance for you all.


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 Australians don't mind criminals: It's successful bullshit artists we despise. 
             Lachie Hulme            
The Cold War ran on bullshit.
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