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Was Officer Tippit shot with single action weapon?

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Was Officer Tippit shot with single action weapon?

Post by 9K116 on Sat 29 May 2010, 3:37 am

While reading Education Forum, I learned Officer Tippit was shot with single action wheelgun. It seems strange to me, and I will explain why.

At first, difference between single action and double action/semi automatic weapon is essential. If you are using a single action weapon, you must cock or manually reload it after every single shot. But if you are you using double action or semi auto, you just have to pull trigger. As result, in the same amount of time you can fire only few rounds from single action gun, or burst a lot of bullets from double action or semi auto. For example, the period of time needed to fire 2 single action rounds will be enough to fire 5-6, or even more rounds.

At second, every single action or bolt action weapon makes shooter to place his shots carefully. Why? Because he need a time for repeated shot, if the first shot is missed. Again, in case of doble action or semi auto it is not so important - you can afford to miss first shot, because you can follow with next shot in decimals of second!

How does it relate to Tippit shooting? Let us reconstruct a possible scenario of Tippit shooting, just in terms of way how he was shot. Since distance of shooting was actually point blank, it is impossible to miss from few meters in the human chest sized target. Every hit from such distance in chest of human being is incapatiting - the person hit does nothing but falls on the ground (remember what happened with Oswald, when he was shot by Ruby!).

Now, here comes the difference: if single action weapon was used, Tippit was already lying on curb (or pavement) before second shot was fired. So, the next question is, why to shoot already incapatited target two more times in body? It is totally senseless. In this case it will be enough with one repeated control shot, aimed in the head (as it really was, but with the final - fourth - shot). So, why to shoot two middle shots in already incapatited target?

But, if we put double action or semi auto handgun in the hand of murderer, situation becomes more consistent and logic. Now the murder is able to shot 3 fast repeated shots within second before Tippit falls on curb dead, and then, for sure (like professional killers do), finish him by firing control shot in the head.

Conclusion of this sounds as follows: four shots, fired at Officer Tippit, most likely suggests double action or semi auto weapon was used to kill him. If murderer have been using single action handgun, there most likely will be enugh with two shots - first one in the chest, and the second - control shot in the head. So, if single action handgun was found (or planted) to be carried by Oswald, it couldn't be used to shot Officer Tippit.


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Re: Was Officer Tippit shot with single action weapon?

Post by greg parker on Sat 29 May 2010, 9:53 pm

What you say seems logical to me, but I am no expert on firearms or ballistics.

I hope someone can jump in here and help keep this discussion going. It's something that I do not recall being explored by anyone in the past.

greg parker

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