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Open Letter To Dawn Meredith Empty Open Letter To Dawn Meredith

Fri 04 Apr 2014, 5:58 pm

Hello Dawn,

It's curious to be hearing from you again after 8 years. Remember back in the day when you and Terry Mauro set upon me in a bloodthirsty frenzy for daring to question your (then) guru Ashton Gray? I concluded that you both were either completely tetched in the head or part of some large, really convoluted program of trying to confuse the [expletive deleted] out of anyone who seriously wanted to investigate "deep political" matters. (And obviously those two conclusions aren't mutually exclusive.)

But believe it or not, I have had some concern for you and yours. For instance, you seem to have a self-destructive tendency that borders on the tragic. I would think that by now you should know that the best way to deal with or "counteract" me is to keep quiet, ignoring and shunning me. But here you are, giving me the opportunity to respond, and potentially hold forth at length on many opinions I have about any number of things. Greg and Robert and maybe some others here are familiar with my sad tendency to write long treatises where god knows what I might say.

Another example of my concern for you is that I'd always hoped that one day you would rise up and throw off the shackles of your slavish subservience to what you perceive to be "strong" men, like Gray and Charles Drago. There was a time a few years back where you'd been reduced to a mere errand-girl for Charles, carrying his pronouncements from the mountaintop down to the Simkin Forum. A sad time for the sisterhood, I thought. But that was only typical of the whole Deep Politics Forum organizational set-up: Myra Bronstein and Maggie Hansen/Magda Hassan/[other pseudonyms here] were made "Administrators," which sounded good until one recognized that they were only treated as glorified secretaries who took care of the day-to-day running of the forum, technical issues and the like -- freeing up the Men to focus on the manly tasks of critical analysis, presentation of arguments and evidence, and generally holding forth with opinions. (As I understand it, Myra finally wised up and recognized she was being taken -- indeed, monetarily at that -- and stood up for herself, and so got a full taste of Drago's tendency to insult women along the lines of the psychological impacts of their menstrual cycles and the like. Sweet.)

As for your main complaint, I seem to once again be at a disadvantage due to the unforeseen consequences of the Censor's Art: the original thread is no longer visible to the general public. So you'll just have to take my word for it -- or not -- that what I said regarding you, in reply to Bernie Laverick's first post at this forum, was this:
"I do have to somewhat disagree with your assessment of the barrister Meredith, however. Naturally, I wouldn't ever want her as a lawyer in any case, and in fact have never been able to figure out how she could possibly be a lawyer; but she's always done a fine job as a water-carrier and cheerleader in these forums."
So it's possible you may have been misled a bit regarding this, as I think it's clear that I've only "never been able to figure out how [you] could possibly be a lawyer." That may be evidence of my limitations in understanding, you see. Or it may be that you provide an example for others, as in a question and answer: "Can anyone become a lawyer?" Answer: "Evidently."

I do have to admit that I've always admired your tendency to declare in nearly every post you've ever made that you are a lawyer. That way people won't forget it, and their belief on the subject is constantly reinforced by repetition. So there is less doubt.

Finally, I do have a college degree, for whatever that's worth. But I read an enormous amount of books before having the good fortune to go to college, so to a very large extent it would be accurate to say I'm "self-taught." (Again, for whatever that's worth.) I guess the best way to provide evidence of my alleged "higher learning" would be to help you out on the post I'm responding to, as it is in need of a good editor. Take care.

Dawn Meredith wrote:Was this thread necessary???

We have a zero policy re flaming. So I hope all will observe. [this is an awkward, unfinished sentence, although the meaning is relatively clear that what should be observed is your forum's "zero policy re{garding} flaming"] Parker is not the only one deserving of moderation.

Obey the rules or banning follows moderation.

As to his own forum. [another awkward, unfinished sentence; clearly, you should have had a comma after "forum" rather than a period, followed by lower-case "we" in continuation of the sentence] We don't get to make their rules any more than we would tell John Simpkin to delete the lone nutters. [this is a common spelling mistake, for which there is a reasonably good pun: "John's bladder is empty." "Why?" "Because there's no p in Simkin."] That said if I am liabled there this is a different matter. [you are a lawyer who has misspelled the word libeled] Made fun of- or some one like Wayne Dunn wondering how I ever GOT to be a lawyer is not worth my time even reading. [another awkward sentence, and you've neglected to include my first name, possibly because you don't remember it] Only report actual abuse. Accusing me of something in my personal or professional life. [another awkward sentence, you seem to be rambling in this post] Being made fun of is not that. It is just mindless mindgames. To answer your silly question[,] Mr Dunn: I went to college, then went to law school, then I passed the Bar in MA in 1985. I have a perfect record re[garding] discipline. You are welcome to look me up on the TX bar website. I'm actually pretty much an open book. But I don't suffer fools lightly.

Perhaps you should take the LSAT, provided you have a college degree. [I omitted the emoticon because that sort of thing leads to emoticon addiction]

And that's that. I originally wanted to post this in an existing thread, but since there's some uncertainty as to what may or may not be considered appropriate, I think it's best that only my material should be "worked over" or deleted outright rather than anyone else's due to my malfeasance. This will be the very last time I will waste any of more of my time on things like this.
Posts : 304
Join date : 2013-06-22
Age : 59
Location : among the hills of southern Indiana, USA

Open Letter To Dawn Meredith Empty Re: Open Letter To Dawn Meredith

Tue 08 Apr 2014, 4:15 am
The other day I saw a post of yours in which something was back words. It's more or less impossible that someone would misspell that word in that way. I guess you use voice-tech paraphernalia in composing. If a word relevant to one's occupation has been likewise phonetically misspelled (into a non-word, since the verb form didn't exist prior to this), it might be a good time to reevaluate using it. An innocent explanation for something at first unusual (2 words misspelled in unique ways).
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