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Shelley's timing and Piper's "cop/s"

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Shelley's timing and Piper's "cop/s"

Post by greg parker on Wed 14 Dec 2016, 11:02 pm

Mr. BALL - When you came into the shipping room did you see anybody?
Mr. SHELLEY - I saw Eddie Piper
Mr. BALL - What was he doing?
Mr. SHELLEY - He was coming back from where he was watching the motorcade in the southwest corner of the shipping room.
Mr. BALL - Of the first floor of the building?
Mr. SHELLEY - Yes.


Mr. BALL. And were you sitting there when you heard the shot? 
Mr. PIPER. That’s right. 
Mr. BALL. Tell me what you heard? 
Mr. PIPER. I heard one shot, and then the next shot went off-the one that shot him and I got on up and went on back, back where they make coffee at the end of the counter where I could see what happened and before I could get there, the third shot went off, and I seen the people all running and in a few minutes someone came in the building, and I looked up and it was the bossman and a policeman or someone. 
Mr. BALL. You say you heard one shot-you heard two shots and you got Up and then what happened, where did you go? 
Mr. PIPER. I came out to the end of the counter where they make coffee there by the stand.  

Sooo...  according to Shelley, he ran back inside in time to see Piper run to the coffee making area, which Piper said he did between the 2nd and 3rd shots.

Piper however doesn't mention seeing Shelley (or Lovelady), only Truly and a cop, OR SOMEONE.

Later, we get this exchange:

Mr. BALL. You mentioned you saw Truly?  
Mr. PIPER. I don’t know whether it was a policeman or FBI or who it was, but another fellow was with him. Mr. BALL. And where were you? 
Mr. PIPER. Standing right there where they make coffee. 
Mr. BALL. What did they do? 
Mr. PIPER. He ran in and yelled, “Where is the elevator?” And I said, “I don’t know, sir, Mr. Truly.” They taken off and went on up the stairway and that’s all I know about that.  

Because of his uncertainty, Piper was hauled back for a second round a month later:

Mr. BALL. You told us that after the shooting you came out onto the floor? 
Mr. PIPER. That's right.
Mr. BALL. And the first people that you saw on the floor after the shooting was who?
Mr. PIPER. Mr. Truly and some fellow---I really don't know who it was; like I say, it was some fellow that was with Mr. Truly.
Mr. BALL. Some fellow; how was he dressed?
Mr. PIPER. Oh, I don't know.
Mr. BALL. Was he an officer?
Mr. PIPER. Yes; I believe he was an officer.
Mr. BALL. A police officer?
Mr. PIPER. Yes; a police officer.
Mr. BALL. Did he have a white helmet on?
Mr. PIPER. No; I don't think so. I didn't pay any attention to it. I was already excited over the shooting or something when he came running into the building.

Directly following the above, there is perhaps what is a miss-statement from Piper, perhaps not. We'll never know because Ball dropped the ball.

Mr. BALL. And what did Truly and this--some fellow do?
Mr. PIPER. Well, Mr. Truly and this fellow run up the steps. He just hollered for the elevator and I said, "I don't know where it is at," and I'm still standing over there by that table and he [Truly] ran up on up the steps with this police officer--him and another fellow and I was standing there and the people began swarming out and around--different ones coming in, but it was where nobody could come out.

Is he saying:

Truly, the "police officer" and another fellow 


Truly and "the police officer" or whoever the other fellow was

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