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LHO and Russian things

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Re: LHO and Russian things

Post by Mark A. O'Blazney on Fri 08 Nov 2013, 10:36 pm

Your last paragraph sounded sarcastic, but........ the above of it was fantastic!  Thanks, again, Tom!

Mark A. O'Blazney

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Re: LHO and Russian things

Post by Guest on Fri 20 Dec 2013, 11:38 pm

Each of us who pokes deeply into the three murders in Dallas in late November 1963 must decide if the mind boggling coincidences are a curse or a blessing.

Two coincidences I find fascinating at the moment, maybe because of the background of Charles O. Evans and the FBI's obvious effort to bury his actual background in order to render his letter irrelevant, are Evans' reference to the importance of Wytheville, VA in the investigation in June, 1964, and the major thing about Evans that the FBI did not report of.

1946 Columbus, OH city directory:

Name:Charles D Evans
Residence Year:1946
Street Address:2791 Joyce av
Residence Place:Columbus, Ohio
Occupation:Clerk F & R Lazarus
Publication Title:Columbus, Ohio, City Directory, 1946
Household Members[th]Name[/th][th][/th]
Charles D Evans
Gladys XV Evans

[th]Name:[/th][th]Gender:[/th][th]Residence Year:[/th][th]Street Address:[/th][th]Residence Place:[/th][th]Occupation:[/th][th]Spouse:[/th][th]Publication Title:[/th]
Charles O Evans
735 Oakland Park Ave
Columbus, Ohio
Salesman F & R Lazarus
Gladys W Evans
Columbus, Ohio, City Directory, 1953
Charles O Evans 1905 - 1995
  Gladys W Evans (1906 - 1975)*

It so happened that Evans was employed from at least 1946 until 1963 by
F & A Lazarus department store in Columbus, OH, as a salesman. The FBI only reported Evans' recent employment of one year at a competing store. Now the coincidences pour into this.

Ruth Payne was a former Lazarus employee.:

Charles O. Evans wrote a letter he specified as "personal" to Attorney General Robert Kennedy. He advised that it was his opinion, although he could not be sure, that Wytheville was a significant place related to the assassination of JFK.
[url= Records Files/105-82555/105-82555 Section 202/202b.pdf]01. 100-10461 - - - M..[/url]‎
was going to see the President KENNEDY motorcade in downtown. Dallas, Texas. ..... a letter written by CHARLES EVANS, 1735 Oakland _. ' 'Park Avenue ... EVANS and his family departed Columbus, Ohio, on an extended vacation traveling ...
[url= Records Files/105-82555/105-82555 Section 188/188b.pdf],lrl' " . I. ' ~ It. I i I I[/url]‎
Attorney General by a Charley-Evans, 1335 Oakland I-er}: Lvenue,. Columbus, Ohio. This lettc was receiv'é'Tfrofi'thtr ... assassination of President Kennedy, la the interview you s'ftoulr? also attmpt to obtain from Evans the source of his all: ...

The Marysville Tribune › 30 December 1941 › Page 5 - Newspapers ...‎
Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Evans j (Gladys Watkins> o! Washington,' D. C., called Monday at the home of Merritt Boyles. Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Boyles Jtt- tcndcd a ..

The 1940 US Census shows Evans residing in a Washington DC rooming house employed as a clerk at the
WPA, Works Progress Administration, a federal public works agency intended to employ many skilled
workers and laborers rendered jobless by economic depression.

Charles Evans stood down when the FBI pressed him about his letter to RFK. He was made out to be an unreliable loon by the FBI. He was born in 1905 in this odd little town.:

Malakoff, Texas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Texas
Malakoff is a city in Henderson County, Texas, United States. The population was 2,257 at the 2000 census. The community is named after a Russian fort of ...

Evans had this background :

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current Death, Burial, Cemetery & Obituaries
Name: Charles O. Evans
Birth: 20 Feb 1905
Death: 24 Jul 1995 - Hilliard, Franklin, Ohio, USA
Civil: District of Columbia
Ohio, Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-2007 about Charles Owen Evans
[th]Name:[/th][th]Birth Date:[/th][th]Birth State:[/th][th]Birth Country:[/th][th]Gender:[/th][th]Race:[/th][th]Death Date:[/th][th]Death Time:[/th][th]Hospital of Death:[/th][th]City of Death:[/th][th]County of Death:[/th][th]Certificate:[/th][th]Age at Death:[/th][th]Hospital Status:[/th][th]Social Security Number:[/th][th]Father's Surname:[/th][th]Marital Status:[/th][th]Education:[/th][th]Armed Forces Indicator:[/th][th]Industry of Decedent:[/th][th]Occupation of Decedent:[/th][th]Primary Registration District:[/th]
Charles Owen Evans
20 Feb 1905
United States
24 Jul 1995
05:25 PM
Long-Term Care Facilities
Other/Nursing Home
4 years college
Department stores
Sales workers, other commodities
If Evans was unreliable or disturbed, it is not indicated. In 1964, he had recently completed 18 years of steady employment with Lazarus. After his wife Gladys died in 1975, he was stable enough to soon remarry.

Although there was the weakly supported report in late November, 1963 of a recent Oswald sighting by a Red Cross volunteer in Wytheville, the other intriguing point here besides the FBI's omission about Evans' employment, is that Wytheville was the home place of NSA's John B. Hurt's mother. Hurt's wife was a Russian cellist named Ana Drittle.
Feb 19, 2010 - 15 posts - ‎4 authors
John B. Hurt, Retired Aide Of National Security Unit - New York Times - Aug 9, 1966. Mr. Hurt is survived by his widow, Mrs. Ana Dritfell Burt, ...
Jan 12, 2011
Cryptology, Army Signal Corp and Field Operations Intelligence ...
Jul 29, 2010
More results from

Pay Articles from August 1966 Part 4 - Site Map - The New York Times
JULIA R.M. DOTY · John B. Hurt, Retired Aide Of National Security Unit

Greg Parker examined the origin of the name similar to John B. Hurt's wife's name appearing here.:

Harrod G. Miller was a colleague of John B. Hurt in the 1930's and early 1940's....
MAGIC team
Document 00319, Page 001
Document Notes: Signal Intelligence Service (SIS), 1935. Location: Munitions Building, outside vault door Left to right: Frank Bearce, Dr. Solomon Kullback, Capt. Harrod Miller, Louise Nelson, William Friedman, Dr. Abraham Sinkov, Lt. L.D. Jones, Frank Rowlett, (absent: John Hurt) Original 8x10 photo. These members of SIS were responsible for cracking the MAGIC code which revealed Japans highest level diplomatic codes to the American government. Courtesy: National Cryptologic Museum

The point of this post is not to sensationalize or to overemphasize any of the included details. I am sharing what I believe is a wells supported observation that the "coincidences" that are potential leads, instead are so numerous and oddly situated that they result in a quagmire that persuades me that the more details you become familiar with, the less you
can conclude with reasonable certainty.

BTW, there is also this.:

  1. Fortas Admits Criticizing Friend's Statement On War . - Google News
    Fortas Admits Criticizing Friend's Statement on War . ... Lazarus, in a meeting of the Business Council in Hot Springs, in May 1967 estimated escalation of the ...

  2. The Fortas Reflex | News | The Harvard Crimson‎
    "With the increasing intensity of the War in Vietnam," the Times reported in 1967, ... The next day Lazarus received a call from Justice Fortas, which the Times ...

  3. Attempt to Stop Fortas Debate Fails By 14-Vote Margin - CQ Press ...‎
    Justice Fortas admitted that in 1967 he had telephoned Ralph Lazarus, ... Inc., to complain about the businessman's public criticism of the Vietnam war budget.


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Re: LHO and Russian things

Post by Mark A. O'Blazney on Sat 21 Dec 2013, 11:18 pm

Looking forward to the refutations of Ruth Paine.  "Oh, my, did he say THAT?"  

Your time to come clean, Ms. Paine.    Great posting, Tom.  Thanks again, swell to see you up and about.  Happy holidays, too !

Mark A. O'Blazney

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Re: LHO and Russian things

Post by Sponsored content

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