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Hasan Yusuf
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Allen A. Jackson Empty Allen A. Jackson

Mon 15 Aug 2016, 11:34 pm
Another thread of mine from the Webs' ROKC forum:

On December 28, 1962, Declan Ford and his wife Katherine (so-called friends of Oswald and his wife) hosted a cocktail party at their home during which Oswald and his wife were present. Two of those present at the party were Allen A. Jackson and his wife, Margaret. According to the interviews of Daniel F. Sullivan and his wife with the FBI (both of whom were also present at the party); Jackson was in the Real Estate business:

I don’t recall seeing any discussion about Jackson (or his wife) at any forum, so I wanted to start a discussion about him here. As I discussed in my first post in the “Kenneth Croy redux” thread, Croy was in the Real Estate business. Therefore, Jackson may have been acquainted with Croy; and others of interest in the Real Estate business such as O. L. Nelms and Bertha Cheek (both of whom, as I mentioned in my first post in that thread, were well acquainted with Jack Ruby). What’s interesting is that according to a Mrs. Allen Taylor, Ruby was “personally known” to a man named Earl Jackson; who owned the Fontainebleau apartments in San Antonio, Texas. When Jackson was interviewed by the FBI, he denied knowing Ruby:

Given that Allen A. Jackson and Earl Jackson were both (apparently) in the Real Estate business; and were both living in Dallas, Texas, it’s entirely possible that they were blood related. If Jack Ruby knew Earl Jackson (as claimed by Mrs. Taylor), then perhaps he also knew Allen Jackson. What’s also interesting is that following Oswald’s murder, the DPD interviewed Linda Jackson; who was the manager of the “apartment house” at 4727 Homer Street, Dallas, Texas, where Jack Ruby had lived from January, 1959, to July, 1961:

As we can see, Jackson denied knowing Ruby or ever having seen him. As some of you may be aware, living at 4740 Homer Street was George A. Bouhe (the so-called leader of the Dallas-Fort worth White Russian community). As I discussed in my essay “Who was behind the assassination?,” I believe Bouhe and Ruth Paine were both involved in Oswald’s employment at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall (see under the subheading “Oswald before the TSBD”). Bouhe was present at the aforementioned Party at the Ford residence, and was apparently a close friend of Allen A. Jackson: A Jackson George Bouhe

Taking into account what I have discussed above, I can’t help but think that Linda Jackson was also possibly related to Allen A. Jackson (it also reinforces my belief that Jack Ruby and Allen A. Jackson were possibly acquainted). As I discussed in the “My latest essay” thread, a James Watson had been living at 4727 Homer Street in Dallas; and that he may be identical to James Douglas Watson who had been living at the 1026 North Beckley rooming house with his friend, Herbert Leon Lee (both of whom I think may have been involved with Jack Ruby and Larry Crafard in gun running):

Let’s now consider the following. When Mrs. Charles Edward Harris (who was at the party at the Ford residence with her husband) was interviewed by the FBI, she remarked that she had translated a conversation between Marina Oswald and Allen Jackson:

But when Jackson was interviewed by the FBI, he claimed that he “definitely” didn’t recall having a conversation with Marina Oswald. He also claimed that he was “certain” he never even met Oswald and his wife. Jackson’s wife also denied having seen or met the Oswalds at the party:

For the sake of intellectual honesty, I should point out that George DeMohrenschildt told the Warren Commission that he couldn’t remember a Jackson (whom he claimed was a geologist) being present at the party:

Despite the denials by the Jacksons of having seen or met the Oswalds at the party, I don’t know why Mrs. Harris would make up the story that she translated a conversation between Marina Oswald and Allen Jackson. But if Mrs. Harris’s claim is true, then why did the Jacksons deny having seen or met the Oswalds at the party? Was it simply because they were too embarrassed to admit that they had known the man accused of assassinating the President of the United States and his wife, or was there perhaps another (less innocent) reason? Right now, I am leaning towards the latter. If anyone can shed more light on the Jacksons, I would appreciate it. 
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