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Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston Empty Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston

Wed 01 Jun 2022, 11:50 am
FBI agent Nathan "NAT" Allen Pinkston

Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston Receiv42

Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston 00006110

Pinkston, Nat A. Nat A. Pinkston, born in Dallas, Tx, Nov. 26, 1915, passed away September 4, 2011. He was preceded by his wife Matty, and survived by sons Scott and Bob and numerous grand and great grand children. Nat received his Bachelor of Laws from SMU in 1939 and a BA from North Texas Agricultural College (UT Arlington). He was a graduate of Oak Cliff (Adamson) High School. He worked as an attorney in Dallas for a period before joining the FBI. He was a Special Agent of the FBI 28 years, retiring in 1967, a member of the Masonic Lodge Scottish Rite Shrine, the Texas Police Association, the FBI National Academy Association, the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, and a member of the Happy Warriors, the world's only geriatric Air Force. He was listed in the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators since 1961. Nat appeared on the History Channel "Infamous Guns" program, interviewed about how he identified the Oswald rifle. He was a contributor to the School Book Depositary Museum of JFK assassination historical artifacts. His name-sake, Nat Pinkston, founded Pinkston, Texas, outside of Corsicana in the late 1800s. The site is currently a ghost town.
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Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston Empty Re: Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston

Wed 01 Jun 2022, 2:35 pm
Pinskton is my pick as being the FBI contact agent for Jack Cason during the life of the FBI American Legion Contact Program involving passing information on subversive indididuals and groups.

The contact was with chapter commanders and Cason had been commander of post 43 in Dallas.

This is another reason to be suspicious of how Joe Molina happened to work there given his association with an alleged subversive Latino veteran's group, You can bet the Legion had been no supporters of the GI Forum.

Not to mention that Molina's association with the GI Forum seemed to be arranged and controlled by another FBI informant, Bill Lowery. 

Pinkston practically lived in the TSBD post-assassination.

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Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston Empty Re: Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston

Wed 01 Jun 2022, 4:34 pm
Excellent Greg!

He's my pick for manufacturing the SFLR encounter and stage managing the Depository.

Also does some evidence management with the rifle/prints.
'J.C. Day told the FBI's Nat Pinkston on 11/22/63 he had been "successful in raising a partial latent print" off the carcano.'
[Pinkston's FBI report below.]

An FBI agent in the Dallas office in 1963, Pinkston was part of the local investigation into the assassination. He traced ownership of the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle to Lee Harvey
Oswald. Pinkston passed away on September 4, 2011.

During the first week of March 1964, Pinkston was sent out to wiretap training at the FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia, he was nervous. He hadn't done many wiretaps and, further, hadn't done one for quite a while. Pinkston dressed in clothes to look like a utility worker and borrowed a utility service van.

A few hours after he left, Pinkston returned, successful. He had parked his van across the street from Marina's, and then, with his box of “utility tools,” walked up to the house. Pinkston had already determined that Marina would not be home, so after walking around inspecting the house, he found an entry into a crawl space under it, out of sight of nosy neighbors. He wiggled his way into the crawl space and found just the spot to place the tap. Working quickly, he wiggled his way back out, got back in his van and left.(...)

Now that the tap was in place, we had some agents set up a listening post nearby. For several weeks, agents monitored Marina's phone calls, recording each one. Because Marina still didn't speak English well, many of her conversations with her friends from the Russian community in Dallas were in Russian. The FBI had Anatol Bogaslov translate Marina's phone calls for the transcripts.

(James Hosty, Assignment Oswald, p. 110/111)

Sounds like bullshit from Hosty.
FBI doesnt have any trained wiretap agents in Dallas field office? They couldnt borrow one?
Nat had to be trained and as a rookie is sent to bug Marina's.... please.
In '64 the bug would be in the junction box in the neighborhood or at the switching station(often a one room building with just telephone switching equipment) not up under a house... now a listening device (microphone) would need to be placed in floor or wall to listen in to the room. But again in 64 they would rig the phone to act as such.... unless the phone was like on a wall in the hall. Then theyd plant other listening devices like this.

Also the listening post nearby is not necessary as they can record and review the calls as necessary with 60s equipment. No manned station necessary at all unless it was protective or to tail the operative to her drops/pickups.
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Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston Empty Re: Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston

Thu 02 Jun 2022, 1:38 am
Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston 76081712

The wire tap vs bugging of Marina

Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston Scree875

Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston Scree876
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Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston Empty Re: Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston

Wed 22 Mar 2023, 6:13 pm
I have updated my page with his Oral History talk, noit as specific as I would have liked but still better with what I knew until yesterday.
He was in NY during WW2 and then moved back to Dallas, where he was from. A real Hoover man, he did as he was ordered to by J Edgar's iron fist.

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Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston Empty Re: Nathan "Nat" Allen Pinkston

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