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Library Card Clues

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Library Card Clues Empty Library Card Clues

Fri 11 May 2018, 8:53 pm
What to make of the library cards reference

Library Card Clues E978804d4402a6c67bf8bf53004479a5

Who is Bowen?
It was revealed this is a criminal using an alias, while working with Oswald at JCS.

Stu Wexler covers this a bit and follows the rabbit trails to multiple holes.

John Caesar Grassi or Grossi among his many names is the man who Lee used as a reference on his library card.

The Mohr Chevrolet ties,
seems that Gene Mohr threw York under the bus

32. William Dalzell has admitted to me that he formed Friends of Democratic Cuba as well as the Free Voice of Latin America. This is:an extremely intelligent man who apparently was very much involved with the CIA in the early 1960's, although he will make no such admission. He states that the name Joseph Moore is very familiar to him and such 7-10- a person may have been connected with Friends of Democratic Cuba -- but he cannot place the individual. He did state also, however, that one Charles Waters was very active with the organization. The description of Charles Waters at the time describes a youngish man, rather slim with somewhat blond hair. It is entirely possible that Charles Waters used the name Oswald in soliciting bids for trucks at Bolton Ford. It is to be noted that-there is a Charles Waters who is now employed in Dallas by H. L. Hunt and who seems to be a right-hand man to Hunt's assistant, Paul Rothermell. One of Charles Water's last comments here in New Orleans was to the effect that "Everything is lined up in Dallas" and that he was going to go to Dallas. We should attempt to obtain a driving license photograph of Charles Waters. This photograph should be the Bolton Ford people and added to our photograph file. 33. In connection with Friends of Democratic Cuba and the activity of the early 1960's, Grady Durham's name keeps coming up. He was, for example, the individual who drew up the papers for the charter of that organization. Anyone going to Washington on any office project should also make arrangements to see Grady Durham and interview him in this regard. We have his address available.

Bowen - Grossi was a Juvenile delinquent in NJ

Ray Carnay meeting an Oswald in Dallas 1961!!msg/alt.assassination.jfk/Qs0MssLON60/iENsk0OmzDEJ

Alexander Kleinlerer

Reddell (a lot like Hidell?)
In his conversations with BOWEN he told BOWEN all about this business and'told BOWEN on one occasion that he intended to go to the library to obtain all the information possible regarding this business and information regarding Mexico. 
BOWEN at this time told him he had a girl friend who is employed at the library and told REDDELL he could use his BOWEN's, library card. 
BOWEN then gave him the library card. 
REDDELL stated' he was aware of the fact that he could get a card of his own but he did take BOWEN's card and believes that he still has this card. He made'a search of his briefcase where he had miscellaneous information regarding the leasing-business-he--intended to try to set up and he did locate a library card from the Dallas Public Library. This in the name of JACK L. BOWEN, 1919 Steven Forest Drive, Dallas 8, Texas. The card is signed in the name of JACK L. BOWEN. The reference listed on the card- is-HAROLD K. VAN BUREN, 6416 Chevy Chase, no city listed, telephone # EM This card expires on November 8, 1964. REDDELL stated.l.?.e does not recall ever using this library card.  

Harold K. Van Buren, who vouched for Bowen 

NAME: Harold Kee Van Buren
BIRTH: abt 1904 - Washington DC
RESIDENCE: 1940 - Prec 1, Lubbock, Lubbock, Texas, USA
Cheers. Ed
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Sat 12 May 2018, 8:44 am
Amazing material Ed, love it.

I'm just a patsy!

Library Card Clues Byp_211
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Sat 12 May 2018, 11:20 am
Great research,Ed.

Out With Bill Shelley In Front.
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Sun 13 May 2018, 4:33 am
Order of Founders and Patriots of America, with Harold K. Van Buren as Deputy Governor
and his (business?) address is 6-131 Merchandise Mart, Dallas 1, TX

Library Card Clues Hkvb10

P&F Society was rabid anti-communist,

Library Card Clues Hkvb110

Library Card Clues Hkvb210
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Sun 13 May 2018, 4:38 am
and here is the Merchandise Mart
Harold's office is on the 6th floor?
Room 131?
Library Card Clues Mercha10
Hmmm, wonder what the layout was for this building, looks a lot like the TSBD from the exterior.

Cheers, Ed
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Sun 13 May 2018, 4:40 am
Thanks Vinny and Mick! 

Cheers, Ed
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Sun 13 May 2018, 6:22 am
Harold K. Van Buren was also a Son.
As in Sons of the American Revolution.
And not just any son but a was a President of the Texas SAR in 1953,

Library Card Clues Hkvb311

This Harold Van Buren guy was no slouch and to be on Bowen's library card as a reference is too rich.

Cheers, Ed
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Sun 13 May 2018, 6:55 am
Oh my, 

 Van Buren, Harold — of Dallas, Dallas County, Tex. Republican. Presidential Elector for Texas, 1956. Still living as of 1956.

Two possible
VANBUREN, HAROLD was born 15 May 1903, received Social Security number 457-40-7228 (indicating Texas) and, Death Master File says, died September 1980. Research in ZIP Code 75228
Source: Death Master File (public domain). Check Archives for HAROLD VANBUREN. 
VANBUREN, HAROLD was born 15 August 1896, received Social Security number 107-12-0923 (indicating New York) and, Death Master File says, died December 1980. Research in ZIP Code 13126
Source: Death Master File (public domain). Check Archives for HAROLD VANBUREN.

Clues say TX.

Here is a Bobbie Dudley , stenographer for Harold K Van Buren
in Dallas City Directory 1938

Library Card Clues Hkvb410

Possibly the same Bobbie Dudley, says she lived in Oak Cliff.
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Sun 13 May 2018, 7:25 am
The gangs all here,
1938 wholesale merchants building directory
Says Harold is a Sales Rep for the California Hand Prints Co selling linens. This 6th Floor group even has a Ruth.
Library Card Clues Hkvb510

Cheers, Ed
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Sun 13 May 2018, 7:59 am
Harold in 1936 is selling linens in Lubbock,

Representative To Discuss Hand Blocked Table Linent Harold K. Van Buren, representative of the Edmond de Wan company, is to give a lecture and demonstration on hand blocked table linens at S o'clock this morning in room 104 of the Tech home economics building. The meeting is open to any interested women

And by 1952 he is selling MacArthur,

Plea for Honest Convention Made Dallas, May 1. plea for “honest, open and fairly conducted” precinct conventions was voiced today by Taft-Supporter Ralph Currie of Dallas, a veteran of 20 years of activity in Republican Party affairs. , The plea was contained in a let- j ter to Dallas County Republican i leaders. Currie enclosed a list of j rules which, he said, if followed { by the GOPs, would result in fair j and honest conventions and would : allow’ majority rule. * The letter went to County GOP ; Chairman George Atkinson, Alvin . Lane, leader in the Eisenhow'er i for President movement; Walter : Rogers, Texans for Taft cam^paign ' director; Harold K. Van Buren, a GOP precinct chairman and a MacArthur stalwart: and R. P. (Dickl W'all, precinct chairman and Eisenhower supporter. ' Currie's letter was a follow-up I to a resolution he introduced ; about a month ago at a meeting ^ of the GOP County Executive ' Committee. That resolution called ; for an adherence to majority rule at precinct conxentions. It was adopted unanimously by the executive committee.

Quite the guy to have on your library card if you are a career criminal like Jack Bowen aka John Caesar Grossi.

Cheers, Ed
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Sun 13 May 2018, 12:26 pm
At first I had my doubts... then there were none.

Check it out.

Dr. Van Buren will conduct the classes in homemaking, general art and general home economics work. He will display a collection of cloths to illustrate his talk, and explanations of hand-blocking, methods of weaving and the development of the flax industry in the northwestern states will be given. ' The noted expert is a former educator, being at one time head master of the Havana School for Boys in Cuba. During the past ten years he has engaged in the study and promotion of the growth of flax in Oregon, and the development of the industry in the Williamette valley area. The group of designs which will be shown at his lecture are the work of Ruth Reeves, who specializes in Guatemalan patterns

He was Head Master of the Havana School for Boys, Cuba!!!
Formerly of Princeton, but signs library cards for career criminals,

Library Card Clues Hkvb610

That is a great cover, linens... Smile

Cheers, Ed
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Sun 13 May 2018, 12:32 pm
A display of American hand-
blocked linens will be shown and lec-
tures on their production will be giv-
en in the college art department by
Dr. Harold Van Buren of Dallas, Tex.,
Tuesday of next week. Three lec-
tures will be given by Doctor Van
Buren, one at 10 o'clock and one at
2 o'clock for students of the depart-
ment and one at 4 o'clock which will
be open to the public.

Among the designers whose work
will be included in the display are
Tony Sarg, Ruth Reeves, Ollie Scott
Butler, John Held Jr., and Paul Bene-
dict. The linens are made from flax
raised in America and the spinning,
weaving, and blocking are all done
in this country by American artisans.
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Sun 13 May 2018, 4:08 pm
More on Grossi,

Mantooth and Rose Grossi,

Grossi is with Jack Robinson, later Grossi uses Jack Robinson as alias,

Is this released?

Wrap Sheet, runs 3 pages

And of course he is in Huntsville TX prison in 1960, (as John Leslie Bowen), Huntsville where Buell Frazier hails from. This was for forgery.  Then he gets a job at JCS... mind boggling. 

Library Card Clues Hkvb910

Last bit, cut off, says he was a marine salvager, and in 1944 to contact Harold at what is a posh two story brick residence in Dallas.
1944, Marine salvage, sounds Navy to me. 

Cheers, Ed
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Sun 13 May 2018, 5:41 pm
The FBI does not tell me in the Dallas report when Lee obtained his Dallas Library card, they do for New Orleans.
Expires Dec 7, 1965
Must have been issued Dec 7, 1962

His Dept of Defense ID card expired Dec 7, 1962 and he needed ID, the library card was his ID
[url= oswald december 7][/url]

NO library card was issued May 27, 1963 and expires May 27, 1966. Good for three years like Dallas. 

The FBI ask about authors such as:
UE Baughman,
Urbanus Edmund Baughman was the chief of the United States Secret Service between 1948 and 1961, under Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy. Baughman was the first Secret Service Chief to pen a memoir concerning the office he held.

Harry Edward Neal, who retired as a top Secret Service official and started a second career as an author, writing 31 books

as well as Edward Starling, and Michael Reilly. Oswald had not checked out these books.

Problems with the DOD card and the passport obtained are detailed here:
[url= oswald december 7][/url]

Cheers, Ed
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Mon 14 May 2018, 8:37 am
Thanks for putting this all up together Ed. Amazing stuff. Difficult to figure out but they were up to something no doubt. It has to go back to his recruitment before the Marines I guess. Greg established that part of it.

Release clear scans. Reveal the truth about Prayer Man. Preserve the history of the assassination of JFK.
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Mon 14 May 2018, 1:56 pm
Much appreciated Jake!
This is a fine example of how many areas can still be explored and develop new leads or connect dots.

Reddell is next.

Cheers, Ed
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Tue 15 May 2018, 7:38 am
Ed this is just incredible. I'm also slowly making my way to listening to many of our forum member's audio shows as guests. I recently listened to you on Rob Clark's show (a bit dated but facts never are right lol?) being interviewed by Bart. You guys were not only hilarious but genius. Bart is an amazing host and I could listen to you, Greg and Bart all day. Can't wait to hear the rest of the member's shows.
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Tue 15 May 2018, 12:40 pm
I agree BC_II, this should be researched thoroughly.
Till nothing else falls out of the wood work.

Barts two on interrogations are excellent, all the Rob Clark shows are fantastic

Cheers, Ed
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Tue 15 May 2018, 11:32 pm
Thanks BC_II
Lotta fun to do Wink
And Ed keep at it m8, once again you are on to something!

Prayer Man: More Than a Fuzzy Picture (E-)Book @ Amazon.

Prayer Man: More Than a Fuzzy Picture @ Barnes & Noble.
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Wed 16 May 2018, 3:03 pm
Eddie Alonzo Reddell Jr.
Among other things was an employee of Mohr Chevrolet as was Charles A. Waters.

Obit of Bob Mohr,
MOHR, ROBERT EUGENE, born May 26, 1943, Dallas, Texas passed away November 3, 2002. Robert "Bob" Mohr is survived by his wife of thirty-two years, Susan Gayle Horn Mohr and their son Robert Eugene Mohr, Jr. He is also survived by his mother Joyce Loving Mohr and his stepmother Lady Collins Mohr, his brother William George Mohr, sister Pamela Mohr Simcox, four nieces and nephews and six grand nieces and nephews. Bob was preceded in death by his father Eugene Alden Mohr, his paternal and maternal grand parents Eugene Barnard Mohr and Mamie Jones Mohr, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse George Loving. Bob is the grandson of two well-known Dallas pioneer families. The Mohr family, originators of Mohr Chevrolet Company beginning in the 1930's where he worked from January 1966 to November 1980 and the Loving family, instrumental in the origination of the Dallas Federal Savings and Loan Association. Bob worked for his good friend and mentor J. L. Huffines of Huffines Chevrolet Subaru, Inc. of Lewisville, Texas for twenty-two years. He was on the executive Board of North Texas Chevrolet Dealers, served as the executive director 12th Man Foundation Texas A&M University, served on NCAA Certification Committee Texas A&M University, served on Athletic Compliance Committee 12th Man Foundation Texas A&M University, served on the Development Committee 12th Man Foundation of Texas A&M University, past vice president of the Dallas A&M Club. He was also past Director of the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce, past director of North Texas Bank, board of directors North Texas Hunter Jumper Association, served as President of the 12th Man Foundation Year of 2000, served as Subaru Dealer Council Representative District. .... Pallbearers will be John Wattinger, John Slaughter, Jerry McFarland, Bob Jaeckle, Kirk Springer, Bob Springer, Dean Ueckert, and Jim Coker. Honorary Pallbearers will be J. L. Huffines, Tim Cassidy, R. C. Slocum, Miles Marks, Dr. John Koldus, Ray Huffines, Paul Bass, R. W. Hutchison, the employees of the dealership, and the staff of the Athletic Department at Texas A&M University. 

August 1963 - John Caesar Grossi (aka Jack Leslie Bowen) leaves job at
camera department where he worked alongside
Oswald.  (WC Vol 25, pp. 66, 67)
Grossi meets Eddie A. Reddell at Stork Club.  (CD 205, p. 467)  Reddell
(201 S. Lancaster, salesman for Mohr Chevrolet, thinks Grossi is a
commercial artist.  He leases a 1963 Pontiac to Grossi through
Continental Leasing Corp., Dallas. They held many conversations at
Stork Club (Bill Howard, owner).  Grossi hopes to develop import-export
business; leasing heavy equipment and automobiles in Mexico.Grossi says
his girl friend works at the library.  Grossi lends Reddell his library
card and Reddell has it on 12/12/63 but has never used it.  Continental
Leasing Co., 4322 Lemmon, leases 1963 Pontiac, bronze-gold Grand Prix,
PL 6932; receives bad check from Patricia Bowen (Grossi's wife), 50
Reglan St., Renfrew, Ontario.  (CD 735, p. 390)
August 1963 - Canadian customs officer and others believe Lee Harvey
Oswald distributes FPCC pamphlets in Montreal during Summer/August.
Short, homely heavy woman and two men of Oswald's size accompanied
Oswald.  Woman takes unusually long strides; one man taller than Oswald
and had freckles.  (CD 87:SS 244)  On 11/27/63, Windsor attorney says
he hears Oswald participates in "Ban the Bomb" protest in Montreal.
(CD45, p. 3)

Longview Tx April 24 1959
E.A. Reddell and Ruth Reddell had their property sold to highest bidder by court action.

Phone numbers:
RI 2-2201 Dallas: Mohr Chevrolet, Central Expressway Q San Jacinto Ave employers of Eddie Reddell, CD 735 p.382

TB 8-6935 Ft. Worth - Eddie Reddell, 2216 Higgins Lane (6/68 Tel.Dir). Ref: CD 735 p.381.


May 10, 1933 The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas · Page 6
EDWARD A. REDDELL, JR. WANTS PRESCRIPTION Dear Tuck: I read In your paper some time ago where a lady from Friona Tex., gave you a prescription for high blood pressure. If it has done you any good I would like to get hold of it. I have tried numerous things but haven't any relief. I am a war veteran and pretty poor have mis-laid that remedy for high blood (pressure. I'm sorry but I don't know where It Is. Maybe the lady in friona will be kind enough to send !t to you direct.-E. R.

Gray County TX births,
Reddell, John Calvin 2-17-1930 M Jessie Mae Powell Edward Alonzo Reddell

REDDELL, EDWARD A, born ABT 1921, and his bride GLORIA LAXMAN, born ABT 1930, married 10 MAR 1961, and they had no children under 18 when they got divorced in DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS, U.S.A. on 29 MAY 1968.
Source: Texas state-wide marriage and divorce indices

William Calvin Reddell, 1889 - 1971
William Calvin Reddell was born on month day 1889, at birth place, to John Calvin Reddell and Meribah Olive Reddell.
William had 8 siblings: Emma Mae Ham, Edward Alonzo Reddell and 6 other siblings.
William married Bessie Mae Reddell on month day 1909, at age 20 at marriage place.
They had 6 children: William Jennings Reddell, David Lloyd Reddell and 4 other children.
William lived in 1900, at address, Texas.
He lived in 1920, at address, Texas.
He lived in 1930, at address, Texas.
He lived in 1940, at address, Texas.
William passed away on month day 1971, at age 82 at death place.
He was buried in 1971, at burial place.


EM 8-5923 Dallas James G. McCollum, 6405 Park Lane, re: Jack L. Bowen(Grossi).

Mrs. McCOLLOM advised she resides at 6405 Park Lane, . 
telephone Mo. EM 8-5932, Dallas, Texas. She said she Is employed 
at the Colonial Western Mutual Life Insurance Company at 3301 Worth. Where her telephone number is TAylor 6-1940. She observed a photograph ot JOHN CAESAR GROSSI, FBI, 3 967 794, and advised that GROSSI is identical with a person she and her husband, JAMES G. McCOLLOM have known as JACK L. BOWEN. She said she and her husband have not seen BOWEN for about four weeks and he last contacted then in late* January or February, 1964. She said they met BOWEN in August, the day that BOWEN left his employment with Jaggars -Chiles-Stovall Company, and BOWEN told them his wife Is residing In Canada and has been "disturbed" about him.

She said that he left the following address for mail to be forwarded to him: c/o GERVAN at 50 Raglan Street 1T», Renfrew, Ontario, Canada; JACK BOWEN, c/o Elliott residence 1-613 BE-2-4136, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada; c/o SAM D. BELLA 64 Carolyn Avenue, Valley Stream, Long Island, New Work, telephone ,

She advised that BOWEN left the above addresses at her 
office when he moved out of an apartment he occupied in Oak Cliff until the time he left his employment with Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall. 

She said that mail received at the apartment, address unknown, had been forwarded to her husband's office at 3301 Worth from BOWEN's former address in Oak Cliff. She was unable to advise of the address in Oak Cliff.

She said she and her husband had had no word from or 
concerning BOWEN since he left Dallas in late January or early . 
February, 1964. She also advised she and her husband had never 
heard BOWEN mention anything concerning an import-export business and she contacted her husband and advised be bad no additional information concerning BOWEN 's activity or present location. She said they would immediately notify the Dallas Office of the FBI if they determine BOWEN 's present residence. She said she had no information concerning the Identity of any of BOWEN's associates in the Dallas area or any other area other than the information furnished herein above which was left at her office by BOWEN.  

Cheers, Ed
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Wed 16 May 2018, 3:41 pm
Amazing research Ed, 2018 maybe a good year.

Thanks for your meticulous work on the backgrounds of these extremely important connections to the case and Oswald.

Cheers Mick

I'm just a patsy!

Library Card Clues Byp_211
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Library Card Clues Empty Re: Library Card Clues

Wed 16 May 2018, 4:10 pm
Thanks Mick!

Here are the important parts,

Library Card Clues Riddel10
Library Card Clues Riddel11
Library Card Clues Riddel10

FBI had interest in these "Canadians" named or aliased Bowen!

Good stuff here on Waters:

GARY EUGENE LAWLER advised he resides at 3235 Seevers, 
Dallas, Texas, and he is employed by the Prior Products, Inc., at 4828 Recell in Dallas. He said his residence telephone number is FR 4-5305 and his business telephone number is HA 8-7411. He observed a photograph of JOHN CAESAR GROSSI, FBI No. 3 967 794, and advised he is identical with a person whom he knew as JACK BOWEN who formerly lived in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas at an apartment on Stevens Forest Drive, he said he last saw BOWEN about three weeks prior to February 15, 1964, when BOWEN was residing at the Executive Inn and told him he was leaving the following day on a trip to Mexico and New York. BOWEN told him on that occasion he could be reached through MAX CHERRY, c/o Mrs. M. M. CHERRY, at 3542 Purdue, Dallas, telephone EM 3-1246. Be said that BOWEN told him be and CHERRY planned to go into the import-export business at El Paso, Texas, and Chihuahua, Mexico. BOWEN told him about a deal he had with a Mr. McCOLLOM who was in the insurance business in Dallas which had fallen through so he was going into business with MAX CHERRY. 

Be said BOWEN married a Canadian whose name is PATRICIA 
GERVAN BOWEN about three or four years ago and she lives with her mother, MABLE GERVAN, at 50 Ragland North, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, and BOWEN is occasionally in contact with his wife’s sister, EDNA ELLIOTT, who resides at 39 Lome 8treet South in Renfrew, Ontario, Canada. 
LAWLER said he was employed at Jaggare-Chilee-Stovall until 
about November, 1963, and BOWEN was there for some time leaving about August. Be said he recalled that LEE HARVEY OSWALD, the accused assassin of President JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY, was employed at this same firm for a very short time while BOWEN was there. 

He said BOWEN had never discussed anything about the 
import-export business until after August of 1963. LAWLER said he was barely acquainted with LEE HARVEY OSWALD and only saw him when he went into the department where OSWALD was employed at Jaggare- Chiles-Stovall . He said he, LAWLER, was in the production office and BOWEN and OSWALD were in the camera department. He said that BOWEN set up a form of type called "Headliner" and produced miscellaneous art work, cartoons, etc. 

Possibly our Eddie?
Eddie Reddell (817) 581-6356 6432 Brookside Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76148

I just don't trust the way Kleinlerer spoke of Lee.
He was throwing Lee under the bus in an odd fashion.
He got clothes for Marina yet I had others argue to me that Marina had truck loads of clothes and dresses... hmm.

viewed and advises he has no knowledge of "Texas Import-Export 
Company” or of an individual by name of ALEXANDER KLEINLERER. He 
does not know present location of JACK LESLIE BOWEN , who is y 
delinquent on lease payments on a 1963 Pontiac GP which BOWEN 
leased from Continental Leasing Company, Dallas, Texas, August 
1963. He is aware BOWEN traveled to New York in December 1963 
in this car and returned to Dallas about three weeks ago. 

Review of Dallas file 26-20085 entitled "JOHN CAESAR 
GROSSI,” aka; CRV; ITSMV; ITSP" ,and interview with Mrs. PAULINE 
GRIFFIN ALLEN, 6155 Mockingbird Lane , Dallas 
JACK LESLIE BOWEN is identical With JOHN 

3-967-794. GROSSI 's parents are JOHN and ROSE VJAR GROSSI CALI; 
stepfather - JOSEPH CALI, 141 Willow Street, East Paterson, 
New Jersey. His mother resides at 141 Willow; Street, East 
Paterson, New Jersey., His father's Whereabouts are unknown.

Christopher Courtwright, "The Strange Allegations of Raymond Carnay", Kennedy Assassination Chronicles, Volume 2, Issue 3, p. 19.
Carnay's odyssey began when he received a call from Charlie Waters, who described himself as "vice-commander of the anti-Castro revolutionary forces in the Western Hemisphere" and that he was in Dallas "recruiting pilots" for "flying harassment raids over Cuba". He met with the Oswald-type character in person three times over 7-9 days and several follow-up phone calls. "How could the Oswald impostor have known in the first place that Carnay had turned a list of names and other information over to the FBI? Was someone in intelligence circles testing Carnay's loyalties by sending in a straw man to pose as a Castro advocate? A similar story to Carnay's is told to Jim Garrison by William Galzell, the head of Friends of Democratic Cuba in New Orleans. In 1961, Jim Moore was purchasing trucks for the FDC and documents were signed by Moore and a man called Lee Oswald. When asked before the grand jury, Galzell said that "Colonel" Charles Watters was working with Joseph Moore and he could tell Garrison all about Moore. Waters treated the group as a "hangout for arms and ammunition". See 124-10288-10389: Like Carnay, Dalzell describes Waters to the FBI as a "lieutenant colonel in the Western Hemisphere". See 124-10288-10389, p. 47 of 59: Dalzell was not a marginalized character - in the 50s he worked for DOD as a cryptographer.

I believe the forms did not say Lee Oswald but merely Oswald

Q. Friends of Democratic Cuba, when was that incorporated?

A. In January 1961, I believe.

Q. Do you know how long it was in existence?

A. About - until May or June.

Q. Of ’61?

A. Yes sir.

Q. What was the purpose of the incorporation of Friends of
Democratic Cuba?

A. My purpose in establishing this corporation was anti-
Castro and to aid the Cuban Refugees, also to provide
ambulances, medical aupplies and perhaps two field
hospitals for anti-Castro forces fighting in Cuba at that

time .

9 .

Q. Can you tell me who some of the other incorporators

A. Mr. Martin McAuliffe of McAuliffe Advertising; Guy
Banister .... it has been several years ago ....

Q. Gerard Tujaque?

A. Yes.

Q. Anybody else you can think of?

A. There is one other name I can't think of now Grady Durham.

Q. Do you know where Grady Durham is working now?

A. I understand he is in the East somewhere.

Q. He is in the Washington area.

A. I understand he is in the Washington area.

Q. Do you know for whom he works?

A. No.

Q. He works for the U. S. Government in Washington.
Can you recall any specific purchases that were made by
Friends of Democratic Cuba?

A. Very little purchases were made. We were able to assist
some of the refugees in clothing, blankets and some food
and some of the blood donors and some medical supplies.

Q. Whose idea was it to form Friends of Democratic Cuba?

A. Mine, sir.

Q. Did it have any connection at all with Arcacha Smith's

A. Arcacha Smith's operations were upstairs of the Balter
Building. I went to Mr. Smith and asked if there was
any way we could be helped ....

Q. Sergio Arcacha Smith?

A. Yes, and he said that he could be helped as far as blood
supplies and that was my purpose.

Q. And you formed Friends of Democratic Cuba?

A. Yes.

Q. What did you do prior to that point?

A. I was with WNOE as a newscaster.

Q. And how did you happen to get interested in the idea of
forming this organization?

A. Well I felt this was a move .... I have always been some-
what of a crusader and I thought perhaps this might be
one of . . . a just cause.

Q. How did Guy Banister become involved?

A. As a former FBI Agent I wanted him to come in, I
thought he could be helpful.

Q How about McAuliffe?

A. Mr. McAuliffe? As a spirited citizen.

Q. But how did you encounter him in regard to the organization?

A. Relative to printing of posters and stationery.

Q. He had been doing some printing for Sergio Arcacha Smith,
hadn't he?

A. I think he may have, I am not sure.

Q. Do you know what building Mr. McAuliffe had his office in?

A. I never met him in his building, sir, he was always ....
he worked out of his home.

Q. Who was the first President of the organization?

A. Mr. McAuliffe was, Mr. Durham was Secretary and Treasurer
and Mr. Banister Vice President, I believe.

Q. How did Mr. McAuliffe become to be President?

A. He felt that through his business associations with
the Young Men's Business Association, he should be President.

Q. Was there any interest on the part of the Federal Govern-
ment in the Friends of Democratic Cuba?

A. No.

Q. Was there any connection with Friends of Democratic Cuba
with the Central Intelligence Agency?

A. None whatsoever.

Q. I want to read an investigative report to you and I
wish you would listen while I do it. This report is
. dated 3 days after the assassination of President
Kennedy. Its an FBI report.

"Oscar W.Deslatt§, the Assistant Manager of Truck
Sales of Bolton Ford Go. advised that he recalled 2 men coming

to Bolton Ford on January 20, 1961 "

Now, that would be in the period of your organization's
existence, wouldn't it?

A. That is correct, yes.

Q. "He remembered the date as he had in his possession
a bid for purchase form made out to Friends of Democratic Cuba
402 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans ...."

Q. Now is that address correct?

A. Yes sir.

Q. "He said a Mr. Joseph Moore ...."

Do you know who Joseph Moore is?

A. I remember the name but can't associate the face.

Q. Can't remember what the face looked like?

A. No sir.

Q. But remember the name?

A. Yes sir.

Q. "He said a Mr. Joseph Moore advised him that he and

his friends were representing the above organization and wished
to purchase 10 Ford Econoline Trucks . Des latte said Moore
listed the equipment he desired on the trucks but he did not
state whether they were for use here in the United States
or were to be sent to Cuba. Des latte quoted him the price and
advised that he would make a $75.00 profit on each truck.

Moore said they thought they should get the trucks for no profit
for his organization. Moore then told him that he should change
the name on the bid form from Moore to Oswald, no first name
given. The individual with Moore then said that was his name.

The younger man with Moore\ This man said Oswald was his name
and it should go on the form as he was the man with the money
and would pay for them if purchased .Des latte was exhibited a
photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald and said he could not ever re-
call having seen him before, nor could he say this was the
individual who had come in with Moore. Deslattesaid he could
not identify this man as it was almost three years ago and they
only spent a short time with him. He said he remembered this
incident, not for the name of Oswald, but for the name of the
organization. Friends of Democratic Cuba. Des latte said that he,
himself, filled out the above mentioned form completely and
neither individual handled it or signed it. He made the original
of this form available to them and he kept a carbon copy of the
form for his use, which he said he made available to interviewing

Bits and pieces...Cheers, Ed
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Wed 16 May 2018, 4:26 pm
The tie in to the Cubans is,

Library Card Clues Riddel12
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Wed 16 May 2018, 5:27 pm
So this criminal. Grossi aka Bowen, has a library card with his reference a rich textile magnate named Van Buren.
Bowen-Grossi doesn't let Lee Oswald, a co-worker, someone he knows pretty well,  doesn't let Lee borrow it or even offer his library card to Lee, but gives himself as a reference so Lee can get his own,,,... but Bowen meets a guy at a lounge, a complete "stranger" and gives him his library card... whoa.

So what books did BOWEN - GROSSI check out?
Does the FBI or WC ask? If none then why not loan the card to Lee?
He wasn't using it and he obviously did give it to another person later.

Cheers, Ed
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Sun 24 Jun 2018, 5:22 pm
Ed. Ledoux wrote:Thanks Mick!

Here are the important parts,

Library Card Clues Riddel11

Can you tell me where this comes from?


Steve Thomas
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