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Jeff Reilley
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BOP-Hypothetical Question Empty BOP-Hypothetical Question

Sat 12 Sep 2020, 11:18 pm
So, reading on the Ed Forum, there is currently a thread about cancelled air strikes during the BOP.

Basically, Bissell and Cabell are drawn up by the JCS and the Taylor Report as being completely incompetent. Bissell taking orders from Kennedy to limit exposure with said air strikes, because you know, deniability, and then turns that into cancelling said air strikes when briefing subordinates. No plans for evacuation or abortion even though Kennedy was adamant about getting the brigade out of there if the Cubans had discovered said invasion before proper landing had occurred(which they did). so forth and so on...but that is not what this is about...

Was it a deliberate tank job?

Reason(s) for thinking that:
 JFK was the new president and was not the favorable outcome of the election in the eyes of CIA/Military because ole Tricky Dick lost. Derail early and often. Walk him into a mess that could turn very ugly very quickly, thus ensuring we invade Cuba out of necessity because of JFK's early presidential bungling of the situation. Didn't Nixon have a hand in the original planning of BOP as VP? Didn't he go to work for Pepsi after the election and did Pepsi not have a vested interest in the sugar fields of Cuba? I could be mistaken on one or both of those, but memory suggests otherwise.

So, was sabotage the order of the day when Kennedy came into power? Do anything you can to make sure he gets only 4 years, minimal changes made, get the people against him after a couple of mistakes turn into American casualties. Then the next time around, get your guy into the office and run things however you want. Would make sense to me. As the presidency unfolded and it started to look like Kennedy would surely win in 64, drastic measures had to be taken...and for fuck's sake make sure the guy in the car behind him sees what happens when you don't play ball with those really wielding the power. If he didn't, wasn't there a guy giving testimony on 11/22/63 about Johnson's criminal indiscretions? So, don't play ball go to prison or die, do play ball become a legend. Not a hard decision to make when you see your predecessor's head get shot.

If anyone can clarify this for me, I know I ramble, but I am of the thought that plans to remove Kennedy from office began the day he won the election. Things escalated dramatically once it looked like he'd win again. Reaching a boiling point when dirty old men that care nothing for young men's lives were made aware that they wouldn't have their fun war anymore in Vietnam, and the smartest assholes in the room wouldn't be allowed to play God with other countries. If this is in any way true, then democracy in the United States died a death long before I was ever born. Shit, may never have actually existed.

Any thoughts on this early Saturday rambling session?
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BOP-Hypothetical Question Empty Re: BOP-Hypothetical Question

Sat 12 Sep 2020, 11:38 pm
Thanks to Malcolm Blunt.

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