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Jimbo: Others did it, so We Did Too! Empty Jimbo: Others did it, so We Did Too!

Mon 20 Mar 2017, 11:34 am

Let's look at these "others"

jimbo wrote:Cuban Intelligence’s DeLaguardia Brothers
The book “Castro’s Final Hour” included a photograph of Antonio and Patricio DeLaGuardia, top spies for Cuba during the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s.  They were identical twins, useful, among other ways, for providing an alibi when one or the other got in trouble. 

Hmmm. They were political operatives - not intelligence operatives. Jimbo doesn't seem to know, or care about the difference.

jimbo wrote:Russian Spy Gordon Lonsdale/Konon Molody

The use of impostors is common in spycraft.  A Russian named Konon Molody, born in Moscow in 1922, was sent to Berkley, California at the age of seven to learn English and develop familiarity with American customs.  Ten years later, he returned to the USSR, was commissioned in the Soviet Navy, and started espionage training.
By 1954, Molody sailed to Canada with a birth certificate and other paperwork for a Canadian named  Gordon Arnold Lonsdale who had died c. 1943.  As “Gordon Lonsdale,” Molody had a significant career as a Soviet spy, including interactions with Rudolph Abel in the U.S. and with the British military.  He was convicted of espionage in London in 1961.
There is zero, zip and nada evidence that Molody was sent to California at the age of 7 to learn English and develop familiarity with American ways. That is pure spin by Armstrong based on guesswork from Molody's son.  This must include the murder of a father who's son has an aunt in the US and who they know will be sent to the Aunt if the father dies. 

Molody did indeed assume the identity of another person however - in the tried and true way of spies, he assumed the identity of a dead person. See the difference?

Jimbo wrote:Mossad officer Michael Ross
Much more recently, a fellow named Michael Ross was born in British Columbia in 1961. He traveled to Israel in 1982 where he eventually married an Israeli woman and joined the Mossad.  According to the Canadian daily National Post (1/14/12), “Over the next 14 years, the Canadian-Israeli assumed six different identities — one cover lasted a full seven years — and led a life wildly different from the one his family believed true so he could gather intelligence and seduce defectors.”
This is my absolute favorite - not only is this guys name not Ross - his exploits are largely fiction. Come to think of it - that makes it a perfect fit for Harvey and Lee!

Jimbo wrote:German Spy Mata Hari

I tried quickly to confirm this online and couldn’t, but there was a television program from some years back that claimed the famed Dutch exotic dancer and German spy with the stage name Mata Hari used stage doubles for her dancing shows so that she could undertake other activities.
I believe one of Allen Dulles’s books extols the usefulness of doubles in spycraft, and he should know.  Spy games with similarities to the Harvey and Lee scenario are really quite easy to find.

Oh Jimbo.. so funny... "I tried quickly to confirm this online and couldn’t," But I'll include it anyway because I am so freakin desperate!

Of course doubles have been useful in spycraft, but any similarities to any Harvey and Lee scenario are purely in the spinning imagination of its progenitor... whose name is Armstrong - not Dulles.

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Jimbo: Others did it, so We Did Too! Empty Re: Jimbo: Others did it, so We Did Too!

Wed 22 Mar 2017, 12:47 am
Like banging our heads against a very solid wall...

It appears no matter how many times the fantasy is unraveled, someone is sure to ravel it up again. And again, and again.

Currently, people are caught up with this idea of "fake news" without realizing it has been going on for decades, centuries, perhaps even millennia already. Facts are useless and can be used to "prove" anything you want... in other words, "facts" are really nothing more than opinion. People start with the raw data but the moment they interpret what the data means, they lose sight of the fact morphing into opinion. To them, it is still just a fact.

The H&L crowd - cherry pickers extraordinaire - really know how to utilize "facts".

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