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Dallas police "wanted" bulletin

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Dallas police "wanted" bulletin

Post by Guest on Thu 06 Mar 2014, 4:56 pm

Quote from Garrison's Playboy interview:

At 12:45 P.M. on November 22nd, the Dallas police had broadcast a wanted bulletin for Oswald — over a half hour before Tippit was shot and at a time when there was absolutely no evidence linking Oswald to the assassination. The Dallas police have never been able to explain who transmitted this wanted notice or on what evidence it was based; and the Warren Commission brushed aside the whole matter as unimportant.

So, this would have been "15 minutes after the shooting", at almost the exact same time that Roger Craig and five other eyewitnesses saw someone running down the incline from the TSBD and getting into a light colored Nash Rambler station wagon driven by a dark complected man.

Garrison is not being entirely precise in his description. The 12:45 bulletin was not a wanted bulletin "for Oswald" - it never mentioned Oswald's name. It mentioned his physical description though, and that's the most interesting part. That information had to come from "somewhere".

At 12:45 the roll call at the TSBD had not yet been completed. The statement that "Oswald was the only one missing" is false, there was one other male missing and "many" females (eight? ten?) According to the WC's Oswald timeline this would have been right about the time Oswald was getting off the bus and catching a cab.

Here's the physical description that was in the Sallas PD's wanted bulletin: "unknown white male, approximately thirty, slender build, height five feet ten inches, weight one hundred sixty five pounds, ..."

Presumably, this information had to come from one of the eyewitness reports of the man in the window in the 6th floor of the TSBD. Trouble is, no one could see the man below the waist (since the bottom of the window blocked the view), and most of the eyewitness reports seem to indicate the man was somewhat heavyset instead of "slender build". And, how is anyone going to guess height and weight by looking at someone from 100 feet away?

I'm thinking that information "came from somewhere", what about you?

Curiously enough, in the "adjusted" CIA report that was planted by Ann Egerter and shipped up to the FBI, Oswald's height and weight are listed as 5'10", 165 pounds.


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Re: Dallas police "wanted" bulletin

Post by Guest on Thu 06 Mar 2014, 5:17 pm

Oh yeah, forgot to mention...

This would also have been the exact same time that photographer Al Volkand and his wife Lou saw JD Tippit in his police car at the Gloco station, watching the cars coming over the Houston Street Viaduct.


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Re: Dallas police "wanted" bulletin

Post by Guest on Fri 07 Mar 2014, 8:44 am

Hm. I just read a web site claiming to show that Oswald's description was in the New Zealand newspapers before his actual arrest. This is definitely a very wierd information space, it's more intriguing than even a Sherlock Holmes novel (or Robert Ludlum, however that works). Smile


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Re: Dallas police "wanted" bulletin

Post by Albert Rossi on Fri 07 Mar 2014, 9:03 am

It must be misunderstanding of what Prouty said.  His point was that the article had an extremely detailed profile of LHO in too short of a time after the event, and spoke of him as JFK's assassin before he was even booked for that crime. I don't think Prouty would have thought a sophisticated black op capable of such a blatant error.

Yes, it sometimes is like bizarro world ...

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Re: Dallas police "wanted" bulletin

Post by Sponsored content

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