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Harold Norman 1991 6th floor Oral History interview - Page 2 Empty Harold Norman 1991 6th floor Oral History interview

Tue 10 Jan 2023, 10:27 am
First topic message reminder :

Starting at 11:20, Norman says "we (he, Williams and Jarman) had plans of waiting until the mororcade arrived and then going up to the 5th floor to watch." He repeats this from the 12:27 mark and is then asked if they all ate up there. He replies that they did and ads that Bonnie Ray was the one who had the chicken sandwich.

That they all went to the 5th floor together is the consensus they gave in their original statements.

And this indicates it was no accident that they went up at 12:25.

This is from Williams testimony.

Mr. BALL. Why did you go to the sixth floor?
Mr. WILLIAMS. Well, at the time everybody was talking like they was going to watch from the sixth floor. I think Billy Lovelady said he wanted to watch from up there. And also my friend; this Spanish boy, by the name of Danny Arce, we had agreed at first to come back up to the sixth floor. So I thought everybody was going to be on the sixth floor.

He claims that he, Danny Arce and Billy Lovelady had talked about meeting up on the 6th floor to watch. No mention of Jarman or Norman. 

Sorry, but I'm having a hard time imagining Lovelady agreeing to watch the motorcade with Shorty Norman and Danny Arce from the 6th floor. 

This has to be coerced testimony.

Williams agreement was with Norman and Jarman to watch on the 5th floor - and that is exactly what they did.

Alyea was right. The cops moved Williams chicken scraps to the 6th floor allowing Wade to make his claims to the media that the assassin calmly ate his lunch while waiting for the kill shot; a cold, calculating pro. 

They then had to scramble to get Willliams onto the 6th eating that chicken, when the scenario changed from commie conspiracy to Lone Nut actor.

Thank you 6FM for being unwittingly useful to the truth.

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Harold Norman 1991 6th floor Oral History interview - Page 2 Empty Re: Harold Norman 1991 6th floor Oral History interview

Wed 18 Jan 2023, 12:37 am
greg_parker wrote:
JFK_FNG wrote:How much do we know about the Smith Detective Agency? The CIA OS was collaborating with at least one detective firm in New Orleans for cover purposes, etc. You’d think they’d have an operational need for the same type of arrangement in Dallas, for screening potential assets, etc.
I'm more inclined to believe MI or FBI ties. They had internal capacity for their "work". The CIA may have operated in places like NO because it is a port city, which kinda sorta makes sense. Dallas is not coastal. 

Andrew Smith founded Truth Verification and Smith Protective Services in the 1950's.

Some interesting links to be found by googling "Truth Verification Services". I think you'll find they specialized in polygraphs and hypnotism. And probably more, but "unofficially".

Thanks Greg. It might be interesting to look for examples of so-called Anti-Pinkerton Act violations from other government agencies like MI and the FBI, or even the DPD. The CIA definitely collaborated with private detectives in the 60s, but I haven’t seen any examples of other agencies doing the same. I haven’t really looked at all though. 

Supposedly all the underlying business records for Smith are online but you have to buy a license to the opencorporates API for $800, or something like that. Or maybe that just lets you download the stupid metadata in an XML file..not sure.

I’d be interested in seeing the Sept. 60 articles of amendment in particular, since that was the exact same time the CIA OS was looking into detective agencies in New Orleans. Your point about port cities makes sense, but there was a significant Cuban exile population in Dallas and maybe the CIA needed an OS presence there too. 

This stretches from 1915 through 2012 with no details on who worked when, but a neat coincidence is that of the officers at one point was a guy named James Parent.

I can’t get the actual corporate registry page to load, but my point is if these guys had keys to the castle it might be a worthwhile endeavor to investigate the hell out of them.
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