corroborated Sylvia Meagher's charge that the Warren Commission covered up misbehavior and lies of the Dallas police. On pp. 304-9, Sylvia Meagher
assembled facts to challenge Dallas Police Chief Curry's sworn testimony that Oswald "was arraigned for the assassination of the President" and that Curry himself "was present at the time" (4H 156). This was audacious skepticism in the face of considerable testimony in support of Curry, including that of Detective Captain Will Fritz (4H 221). Sylvia Meagher was one of the first to entertain seriously Oswald's own surprising claim that he had not been charged with the murder of President Kennedy, or even heard anything from the Dallas police about such a charge (WR 201, cf. infra, p. 306).
Astonishingly, the unpublished Warren Commission Documents support Ms. Meagher against the alleged "eye-witnesses." According to an early FBI report, based on information from Fritz's office, Oswald was arraigned only on the charge of murdering Officer Tippit:
No arraignment on the murder charges in connection with the death of President Kennedy was held inasmuch as such arraignment was not necessary in view of the previous charges filed against Oswald and for which he was arraigned.
(Commission Document 5, p. 400)

The story as told by Curry, I think this part of his testimony is worth repeating here in its context.

(Testimony of Jesse Edward Curry)